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The Circus Comes to Maui

The New Shanghai Circus returns!
January 18, 2013

The Circus Comes to Maui

By Kathy Englert

circus on maui!It's not often that the circus comes to town in Maui; but when it does, it's something very special! This coming Monday and Tuesday. January 21st and 22nd will see the return of the New Shanghai Circus to their vacation home in Maui, the Maui Arts and Cultural Center!

Far from being your typical "lions, tigers, and clowns, oh my!" affair, for those who have not yet had the pleasure of attending in the past, the New Shanghai Circus is an acrobatic feast for the senses! Highly skilled acrobats and performers bring skills passed down through generations past, combining them with modern techniques to create spectacular performances filled with amazing aerial feats guaranteed to thrill even the most jaded acrobatic enthusiasts!

Three shows are currently scheduled, so if you haven't already, go get your tickets to this amazing performance before it once again flies out of town!

For more information on the New Shanghai Circus or to book your South Maui Vacation condo for the performance, find us on Facebook or contact us directly today!

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