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A Fresh New Look For Rentals Maui

Introducing The New RentalsMaui.com!
July 23, 2014

rentals maui

By Kathy Englert

If you have been a longtime reader of our blog/visitor to our website, you may have noticed a few changes recently to our website. These changes, while seemingly largely cosmetic, have a number of positive changes made specifically with YOU in mind! First and foremost is, of course the brighter color palette now on display. With lots of light blues and a splash of orange-yellow, our new colors give the site a brighter look, similar to what you will experience everyday as you enjoy the sun and surf just outside your Maui vacation rental.

Along with the brighter colors you will notice our South Maui vacation rental search system has been re-arranged and simplified; making finding your next Wailea condo or Kihei vacation rental easier than ever! You can easily search by condo name, search for vacation condos in your favorite area of Maui, or perform an advanced search for rental availability based on property name, Arrival/Departure date, number of guests, and more!

Saving our biggest and best improvement for last, we have now made it super simple to book your next vacation rental on your phone, tablet, or virtually any other device. Our new website has been designed using what is known as "responsive web design" which, in simple terms, means it will look and function perfectly regardless of whether it is viewed on a 4in screen or 80in television.

We hope you enjoy our new look and, as always, if you have any questions about booking your next Maui vacation rental, don't hesitate to contact us. Mahalo!

Maui Travel Tips - Safety On The Road

Staying safe while travelling the roads of Maui
July 15, 2014

maui travel tips

By Kathy Englert

In this edition of our Maui Travel Tips series, we give you some suggestions to keep you safe while traveling on our island's wonderful roadways:

  • Put the phone away: Hawaii state law prohibits the operation of cell phones or other electronic devices while operating a motor vehicle. This includes talking/texting while stopped at a stop light,  using your phones camera to take pictures/video while driving, etc. If you need to use your phone while on the road, it's recommended that you either use your car's integrated hands free / voice activated system, or pull into a marked parking lot or similar area, turn off your vehicle, and text/make your call at that point. Fines for violating this law are hefty, and enforcement is strict, so if you will be driving, put your phone away!

  • Fasten your seatbelt: Just because you are on vacation on Maui, does not mean you can forget standard safety protocols when driving. Accidents happen even in paradise, so be sure to buckle your seatbelt, and have all your passengers fasten theirs as well, before departing your South Maui vacation rental or any other destination. As with the above cell phone law, fines for not wearing your seat belt are also hefty, and enforcement is just as strict as well.

  • Follow all speed limit and road safety signs.

  • Partying on Maui is fun, but if you plan on having any alcoholic drinks, be sure to either have a designated driver with you or call a cab when it's time to go back to your vacation rental.

  • Driving to the beach? Take only the essentials with you, keeping any values safely locked away in your vacation rental, or on your person at the beach. An unfortunate side effect of having the most beautiful beaches in the world is the occasional thief who will target cars with valuables parked at said beaches. That being said, even without any valuables in your car, be sure to lock your  vehicle before hitting the sand to further deter any would be thieves.

  • While Maui is surely one of the safest places on the planet, it's always best to use caution and common sense when exploring our beautiful roadways. Don't pick up hitchhikers, park in well lit areas, be aware of your surroundings, etc.

Now get out there and enjoy the ride! Mahalo!

Maui Travel Tips - Staying Safe in the warm Hawaiian Waters

Continuing our series of smart travel tips with suggestions to keep you safe while enjoying the surf.
July 09, 2014

water safety tips

By Kathy Englert

You can hear the serene surf calling you the moment you check in to your waterfront Maui vacation rental. However, before you take the plunge, keep the following in mind to keep the surf from getting the best of you:

  • Never, ever, EVER turn your back on the ocean. While you should always enjoy our warm waters as much as possible, never underestimate the power which they wield. It's very easy to be knocked over by an unsuspecting wave while your back is turned, particularly when the waters seemed so calm just moments earlier. So err on the side of caution and be sure to always have an eye on the sea rather than the shoreline.

  • Always heed posted warning/hazardous conditions advisory signs. As experienced swimmers will tell you, these signs can not only keep you out of trouble, but could potentially save your life.

  • Stormy weather on the horizon? Stay on the shore. While inclement weather is a rare sight in South Maui, the occasional storm condition can change surf conditions rapidly. Play it safe, check the weather forecast before heading out, and keep an eye out for any changes in the weather while at the beach.

  • Choose beaches that have lifeguards on duty: Not only will they be able to assist you if you or your loved ones are in trouble, they will also be able to warn you of potential changes in water conditions you should know about.

  • Practice safety in numbers. Bring family and friends along for your beach day so that everyone can keep an eye out and help keep each other safe. This is especially crucial when your group consists of one or more children; never leave any children unsupervised in the water or on the beach.

  • Sun block is your friend. Apply generously!

  • While you may be having fun in the water, your body is still easily susceptible to dehydration. Keep lots of bottled water on hand and take a break to rehydrate regularly.

  • Walking on slippery off shore reefs, climbing on slippery wet rocks, or diving off what looks to be a safe rock/cliff/waterfall/etc. - Don't do any of these things. Slippery rocks and reefs pose an obvious hazard if you slip and fall, while diving is generally a bad idea as the water below may not be deep enough to support your dive, which could cause bodily injury or worse. 

  • Enjoy your alcoholic beverages after you've had a fulfilling day in the water. Just as you wouldn't drink and drive due to impaired judgment and reaction times, you shouldn't drink and swim or operate water bound vehicles for the same reasons.

With these tips in mind, enjoy your time in the water and, above all else, stay safe out there!

Front Street Fireworks For Your Fourth Of July

Celebrate the 4th in style on Maui
July 01, 2014

lahaina fireworks

By Kathy Englert

Ready to enjoy the 4th of July on Maui? This year, West Maui will play host to a wonderful public fireworks display off the coast of the world famous Front Street in Lahaina. Festivities and fun will begin at 2pm and continue through the night until 10pm throughout Front Street this Friday. Food, fun, and live entertainment will precede this fantastic fireworks show, with many participating vendors also offering special 4th of July discounts and specials! Here's the official schedule of events to help you plan your day/night:

  • 2pm: Official Lahaina 4th of July T-Shirt and food sales begin at Campbell Park.
  • 4pm: Front Street closes to automobile traffic from Baker Street to Hotel Street.
  • 5pm: George Kahumoku and the Hawaii Institute of Music Students perform on the Library Lawn.
  • 5pm: 6th Annual 4th of July Karaoke Contest at the Wharf Cinema Center.
  • 6pm: A very special "Friday Night is Art Night" at various Front Street art galleries.
  • 6:15pm: Darren Lee, aka "Elvis" from the hit show "Burn'n Love" performs on the Library Lawn.
  • 7pm: The Maui Community Band performs on the Library Lawn.
  • 8pm: Lahaina lights up as the 2014 Lahaina 4th of July Fireworks display begins with synchronized musical accompaniment near the Hard Rock Cafe.

You certainly don't want to miss out on this fantastic 4th of July event. While the drive from your South Maui vacation rental to Front Street will typically take between 45 minutes and an hour, be sure to budget a few minutes of extra travel time to account for possible traffic delays and to find parking while in Lahaina.  Enjoy!

Maui Travel Tips - Planning and More

The first part in our series of smart travel tips.
June 26, 2014

By Kathy Englert

maui travel tips pt1Can't wait to get away to your South Maui vacation rental? Make sure your trip is as carefree as possible with these smart travel planning tips:

  • Make copies of your most important personal information (medical cards/info, driver's license, social security card, passport, emergency contacts, etc.) and leave them back home with someone you can trust. This ensures that, in the unlikely event you misplace your important information while on vacation, you will still have basic access to your most important information while away. 

  • We know you're excited to start enjoying the fun and sun on Maui, but be sure to take the time to "read the fine print" when purchasing your airline and other travel tickets/services. Some carriers may offer great deals, but with the caveat of non refund-ability for any reason. Be aware of this prior to booking to avoid any problems in the event an unforeseen issue causes a slight delay in your travel plans.

  • Consider purchasing travel insurance: like other forms of insurance, a good policy  will keep you covered in the event of a change of plans, cancelations, or unlikely mishaps.

  • Contact us prior to packing for an update on the current and forecasted weather during your vacation to Maui, and pack accordingly. (Don't worry, 9 times out of 10 you will be packing for clear blue skies and warm sunny days)

Now that you have your travel plans all set you're just about ready for your vacation on Maui to begin!  Keep an eye on this space (or better yet, subscribe to our blog!) for more Maui vacation travel tips coming soon!

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