by Kathy Englert

Thinking of coming to Hawaii for a fun vacation stay at one of Maui's best waterfront Wailea condos or South Maui vacation rentals? Here are a few tips to make your stay a memorable one:

Time your trip

For the most part, Maui is warm and sunny nearly 365 days a year. And on the off chance that you do experience a bit rain, it usually doesn't last long, while temperatures remain on the warmer side of the spectrum. This makes recommending a time to come to Maui pretty simple: come anytime! Want to trade white snow for white sand beaches? Visit us from November through March. Want to enjoy an endless summer on Maui? Then May through September may be the time for you. Along with the weather, take into account the many benefits a trip to our islands feature during certain times of the year: i.e. The magnificent humpback whales make their annual pilgrimage to the islands during the winter months.

Flying In

Part of Maui's charm is that it is part of a teeny tiny speck in the middle of the pacific, isolated in the perfect equatorial location promising nearly year round sun and fun from shore to shore. Such wonderful placement on the globe does have one minute shortcoming however: long(ish) flight times. Examples: A flight from California to Maui will take around 5 hours to complete, while a flight from Tokyo to Maui may take anywhere between 10 and 18 hours to complete. Our advice: don't skimp on your flight reservation; get the most comfy (upgraded) seating arrangement that fits your budget.

Getting Around

When in Hawaii, do as the locals do: drive! While there are guided tours and mass transit available, the only way to really experience all that our amazing island home has to offer is to rent a car and explore at your own pace. From minivans and SUV to luxury GT's and exotics, there are a wealth of vehicular options to choose from at any given time!


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