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From a condo on a popular beach to quiet hotel resort tucked away from the hustle and bustle, we have something perfect for your romantic getaway or family holiday stay. Book a Wailea hotel resort or condo lodging today! Not finding what you're looking for? Search Maui vacation rentals we have available throughout Wailea, South Kihei, North Kihei and Maalaea to find the perfect fit for your stay. Your Hawaiian vacation getaway accommodations are just a few clicks away!

Browse the Wailea condo and hotel resort properties below and discover the tropical Maui vacation that this part of Hawaii has to offer!

Wailea Vacation Rentals

Hawaiian legend has it that Lea, the goddess of canoe builders, transformed herself into a forest bird and flew over the shoreline. Over time, this area would become known as Wailea, or the "waters of Lea."

In the 1970s, the Wailea area started to become the 1,500-acre integrated resort community that it is today, thanks to the grand vision of its builders! For those looking to truly experience paradise, hotel resorts and condos for rent in the Wailea area are the ideal place to stay in South Maui. These luxury vacation rentals are incredibly lavish and well appointed, as well as being located in a world-class destination for golf, boutique shopping, and so much more! Some of Maui's most stately private homes, upscale condominiums and luxurious hotels can be found here, all fronted by 1.5 miles of stunning beaches linked by a coastal walking trail.

The micro-climate of this area adds to its already irresistible tropical appeal as it is consistently sunny here, but not as hot as in other parts of South Maui with an average temperature of 82°F. And with the Haleakala volcano shielding it from north-easterly trade winds, this area receives only about 10-11 inches of rainfall per year, meaning that nothing is likely to rain on your Maui vacation! So guests can take a refreshing dip in the swimming pool reserved as part of the Wailea vacation condo resort amenities, or hop onto one of the top South Maui beaches just minutes away.