Traveling during the holidays is not easy. Let’s face it; there is the packing, the gathering of the presents, the layovers and flight connections. At times it may seem overwhelming but with proper planning and the right amount of foresight you can dodge all the trouble and fly to Maui with ease and excitement this holiday season.

Here are a few tips on how to travel during the holidays in 2018!

Price Alerts
Why pay more for your flights when you can plan ahead and get the best deal possible with price alerts? If you’re looking for ways to reduce stress for your vacation, getting a great deal on a plane ticket will surely help. Make sure to set a price alert well ahead of time and buy your ticket early so you can get a good price! Check google flights for your next trip. And if you are looking are looking for affordable lodging in Maui, our last minute vacation rental deals make lounging in the warm Hawaiian sun more of a reality.

Shop on Maui
Support Maui’s economy and shop local during the holiday season. Why pack all your presents and risk losing them along the way or breaking them? It’s not worth it. Here on Maui, we have plenty of local shops with unique gifts that will surely please your loved ones.

Pack Light, Pack Smart
We know that when you head across the country to an island in the Pacific it may seem like a long ways away and you’re probably wanting to pack every little thing imaginable but if you want to reduce stress and travel with ease then packing light is the way to go. Do you really need all those beauty products and seven pairs of shoes? Probably not. Pack only the necessities and you’ll be happy you did.

Leave Early
We sure you already know this one but who doesn’t need a healthy reminder every now and again. Leaving early for the airport is always a good idea. You never know what can happen or how long it might take you to get to your terminal so leaving early can help you relax

Travel Early or Late in the Day
This is huge if you want to avoid traffic and get the best deal on flights. Double check your flight availability and do your best to pick a time either early or later on to avoid the hustle and bustle that comes with traveling during the holidays.

We hope you take these tips into consideration and take a deep breath and trust your holiday travel will go smoothly. We have some December openings at properties like Wailea Grand Champions, Maui Kamaole, Wailea Elua, and Leinaala Oceanfront. If you need help with booking vacation rentals for your trip then contact us and we’ll get you started right away. Happy holidays!