Maui papaya are available fresh and ripe all year long.A Maui vacation takes a bit of planning. Between scheduling flights, booking accommodations, and researching activities many people over look a very important part of their vacation.

Food. Buying locally produced food reduces your carbon footprint and supports the local economy. The extra trip is well worth your time, locally grown fruit tastes better than imported produce because it is allowed to ripen fully prior to harvest. Remember, supporting local farmers helps keep Maui’s agricultural land green and productive for future generations.Try all the different varieties of Bananas grown on Maui!

Before you stock up on produce at Costco or Safeway, consider patronizing a local farmer’s market. The farmer’s market at the ABC Store in North Kihei is open Monday through Friday. It’s also across the street from the beach. If some of your fellow vacationers would rather not shop for bananas and papayas they can enjoy the surf and sand at Kenolio Beach Park.

The Swap Meet at the Maui Campus of the University of Hawaii also has a large section devoted to produce and other local foodstuffs. The Swap Meet charges a $0.50 admission fee (children under 12 are free) and is open from 7am to 1pm every Saturday. Jeff’s Jams and Jellies have a table every weekend, as does Ono Farms. Pineapple butter and Lilikoi jelly make excellent souvenirs and fresh bananas and strawberries liven up breakfast back at your South Maui vacation rental.

If you are wondering what you will find at these markets, read on. Bananas are always in season, choose one green bunch and one bunch just starting to ripen. Now you can be sure to have perfectly ripe bananas all week long. Papayas are also available year round; seek out unblemished fruit that are slightly softer than a ripe avocado. Our unique climate also allows farmers to grow strawberries, tender salad greens, sweet onions, and herbs all year long. Avocados are also available all year, though there are fewer in the winter than in the summer. However, not all fruits and vegetables are in season all year. November and early December are the peak of persimmon and pomegranate season. Both make exotic and lovely additions to green salads dressed with fruity vinaigrette.