In an effort to shed some Hawaiian sunshine on your upcoming days spent inside, we wanted to do something a little different. In our last Rentals Maui newsletter, we asked our ohana readership to share their favorite memory of Maui or an island experience that they were looking forward to when the COVID-19 crisis ends. First, a warm mahalo for each of you who have submitted your stories and favorite images. We really enjoyed reading through all of the special submissions that we received and we wanted to spread some aloha by sharing some of the stories we received!

Sunsets to Remember shared by Blair

We stayed in Kihei both times we visited Maui and would look out over the setting sun each evening. It was so calm, so serene and so beautiful each and every time. I will never grow tired of Maui sunsets. Our girls would stop everything at 6ish each evening and just soak in the beauty. Nothing can touch them. 

Mom’s Favorite Place shared by Chris

About 12 years ago, following the passing of my mom, she had asked that her ashes be spread in Maui – specifically Sugar Beach, her favorite place.

Our family arrived and through some friends in Maui, had arranged for a service.  We were given a gourd to place the ashes in and out we went, in outriggers canoes, to an allowed distance from shore to place the ashes.  Once we arrived on the spot, flowers were spread in the water and the gourd was allowed to sink.  Our Hawaiian hosts sounded off on conch shells as the ceremony began.

The weather was cloudy and the seas a bit choppy but we managed.  I looked around and saw nearly 30 other outriggers, out for their morning paddle, all had stopped and placed their paddles in the air while the ceremony progressed; they understood what was going on and in their own way, participated.

Several giant, by my standards, sea turtles came and started to feed on the gourds and that brought hundreds of bright little fish.  Then the rains came…  The locals told us they had been in a drought for some time and the rain was a gift.  The next, whales came through the area we had been.  It was a sad yet amazing experience.

The following week was the greatest weather I had ever enjoyed, fresh in the mornings, cool at night, warm during the days.  The sea stayed calm the rest of our stay and let us play in the waves.  We toured around – Maui Plantation (most amazing coffee) and took a guided tour along the Road to Hana (I still miss the apple banana bread!).

Just the most beautiful place we have ever been and the most amazing people.  I was stunned by the kindness of the locals during the service and the way they welcomed us like family.  And how Hawaiians just treat everyone all the time.  Amazing people and incredible lands! 

Ultimate Whale Watch shared by Ty

In March of this year, my wife and I were staying in Maui. We went on a whale watching trip with Ultimate Whale Watch. On this day there were whales everywhere, we came across a mom and her baby as we sat idle, it was like the mother let the baby come to the boat. Baby swam right up to our boat, with his head out of the water, the baby looked right up at my wife and I and seemed like it was staring and then swam back to mother. Everyone on the boat got an unexpected treat and what an encounter with the baby!

We are all in this together and while you are not able to experience paradise at the moment, we hope that these stories will offer you a sneak peek at what is waiting at the end of this tunnel. Aloha!