Choosing Vacation Rental accommodations for your upcoming Maui Vacation can be an overwhelming process. There are a myriad of different options to choose from and many fantastic properties to stay at. So where do you start? The Vacation experts here at Rentals Maui have put together a list to help you figure out which is the right place for you and your party.

Step 1: Location
Location is very important when deciding where you are going to stay. Are you a return visitor? Do you have a favorite part of the Island? Ask your friends for recommendations! In order to save gas and time, you will want to stay closest to the activities you want to do and places you want to spend your time at. The two most popular Vacation Rental areas on Maui are the South Side and the West Side. But the North Shore, East Maui, and Upcountry all have their own charms as well.

Step 2: Type of Vacation Rental
There are a few different types of vacation rentals in reference to size, level, location, etc. Do you want the privacy of a stand-alone unit? Do you want to be in a larger condo complex with more property features and activities? Are you a penthouse level kind of person? Do you want to be beach front or do you want to have a great swimming pool in front of the complex, or both? How many bedrooms and bathrooms? On many vacation rental websites, you can narrow your search by the amount of bedrooms, which is a useful tool! Once you know where you want to be on the island and how you want to be living the real research begins!

Step 3: Budget
Once you have nailed down which location and the type of rental you’d like, Ask yourself… what’s your budget? Are you splitting costs with another family? What is most important to you? A more affordable rental down the street from the beach or direct beach access? Making a list is very helpful as well. Rank what is most important for you and your party and it will be an easy reference guide when comparing different units and properties. You might also want to consider the time frame you are looking at. If you are flexible with your time frame, consider visiting Maui in the ‘off’ season as prices are often times lower.

Step 4: Research
We cannot reiterate this enough – Make sure to do your research! Look at pictures of the properties on different websites. Reviews are key, so take a look at what other travelers experienced at the properties for what it is really like. Be sure to compare prices and most importantly take a look at the management company that you would be doing business with. You should be looking for a reputable management company as they have higher standards of quality for the Vacation Rentals they want to represent. Look at the company on (The Better Business Bureau). It is a great resource  to check if the management company is a business you can trust.

Once you’ve made the hard decisions over which beautiful side of our island is the better one for you, how much you are willing to spend, and the type of vacation rental you are looking for, the process becomes much easier. Researching to double check the credibility of companies and looking at reviews and pictures from other visitors can be very helpful and gives you much insight. We hope you have a wonderful stay on our beautiful Island and that once you’ve done your research you end up at back at But this time, browsing through our array of superb Maui condo rentals suitable for all types of travelers.