Seeing one island is a blast, but have you ever thought about island hopping during your next vacation to Maui? If not, you should! With these islands so close to one another, it would be a shame not to see all that Hawaii has to offer. Here are a few tips we have on how to island hop like a pro during your next Maui getaway.

Book in Advance
This is crucial in getting the most out of your island hopping experience, especially if you already have a plan in mind. You would like to stay a few nights on each island and are ready to set a date. Make sure to book your plane tickets interisland at the same time you’re booking your vacation. Some great websites where you can find flights at the best rates include, Hawaiian Airlines, and Mokulele.

Pack Light
If you are going to do some island hopping, then you’ll want to pack light. This is not the time to bring your whole wardrobe and all your gifts for loved ones back at home. Save your shopping until you reach your final destination and try to limit your baggage to one carry on and one bag. This may sound like a challenge, but we promise you won’t regret not lugging around a bunch of unnecessary items from island to island.

Hotels vs. Vacation Rentals
If you’re planning on expanding your trip to the other islands, we recommend you look into vacation rental rates versus rates at hotels. Here at Rentals Maui, you can find a wide-range of affordable rentals that will offer you more for your money! With access to a full kitchen and laundry facilities, you can spend your hard-earned money creating memories instead of the extra expenses that come with a hotel stay.

Wear Comfortable Shoes
Yes, this is Hawaii and it’s only natural to want to trade in the office shoes for some “slippahs”. But if you’re traveling, supportive shoes are the way to go. That way you won’t be distracted by aches and pains, instead, you will have the energy and confidence to go, go, go!

Make An Itinerary
If you’re hoping to island hop, then that means you’ll want to have your game plan set well in advance. If you’re only giving yourself a few days on each island, then make sure to prioritize your vacation bucket list. This will help ease stress and make your vacation a breeze. We suggest carving out at least one day for relaxation and one day for sightseeing on each island. Trust us, balance is key!

Those are our top five island hopping tips. If you’d like to take our advice and are interested in exploring a vacation rental during your next stay on Maui, then give us a call today. Rentals Maui has plenty of inventory to choose from and we’re confident we can find just what you need for your upcoming Hawaii adventure. We look forward to servicing you and welcoming you to the Aloha state!