rentalsmaui_fbNot too long ago, the concept of communicating with someone across the world was an interesting one. While it certainly could be done, you would have to pick up a phone, dial a string of numbers, and hope that someone would pick up the line at the other end, or else be out anywhere from a few cents to a few dollars for a one minute call to your friends, acquaintances, or relatives voicemail box (assuming that they had an answering machine in the first place.) Next thing you know, along came the internet, and with it revolutionary ideas such as e-mail, IM, and FaceTime. No longer must we pay absorbent rates to contact our friends and family across the world, instead we just fire up any of a number of services and begin instant conversations across the world for free! One of the biggest innovations of this communications revolution: the advent of a little website called Facebook.

As close to 1 billion users can attest, Facebook has become the service of choice with which to share everything from your newest cake recipe to the newest scientific breakthroughs, instantly with Friends from virtually every continent on Earth! At Rentals Maui we fully recognize the importance of this still new communication medium as a valuable tool for current and prospective visitors to our Maui condo rentals to connect with us and learn more about our South Maui vacation rentals and the Island of Maui! In the hopes of engaging with more individuals who “Like” Maui just as much as we do, we have just recently unveiled the brand new Facebook page at

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