Certainly, a day or two of rain is no reason to cancel your trip to Maui. There are lots of indoor activities on Maui, too. However, this rainy season has seen more than a couple wet days and the clean up is ongoing.

Heavy rains over the last few weeks have caused flooding and small landslides all over the Hawaiian Islands. Road closures, flash floods, and “brown water” have inconvenienced residents and vacationers statewide. Officials are advising everyone to avoid swimming, surfing, and fishing in brown or murky coastal waters because of health concerns from contaminated runoff and the increased risk of shark attack associated with murky water conditions.

If you planned to visit Maui this month and had intended to spend your time on the beach or in the water you might be inclined to cancel your trip. If you had travel insurance, especially a policy with “cancel for any reason” coverage, you could reschedule your Maui trip without significant financial hardship.

Most travel insurance is quite extensive in the types of scenarios it covers and it is usually quite reasonably priced. Usually, policies purchased from your insurance agent offer more coverage than those offered by airlines, cruises, or tours at the point of sale. If you prefer, you can shop for travel insurance online at several websites, check out InsureMyTrip.com, SquareMouth.com, Travel Guard, or Access America in addition to your regular insurance carrier.

Travel insurance is an especially good idea if you are traveling with small children, elderly family, or joining a tour group. If for any reason you must cancel your trip, either before you depart or during your vacation, travel insurance will cover the costs of canceled reservations, last minute flights and other transportation, some even cover emergency health care costs.

Nobody wants to cancel a vacation to Maui, but if paradise is closed for flood cleanup, you might be best served rescheduling your trip. With good travel insurance, it won’t cost you anything to reschedule your Maui condo rental or your airline tickets and you’ll be sure to see Hawaii at its best.