When planning your Maui Vacation, one of the ways to ensure you have a fabulous time visiting our island paradise, is to choose where you stay carefully. Your ideal Maui condo rentals will depend as much on what you like to do on vacation as it will on your budget.

You might make a list of what you would like to have in a vacation rental.

Do you want broad sidewalks and slow traffic for taking walks or jogging?

Wailea has miles of walking paths and sidewalks along golf courses and residential style streets, many of them are shaded by large trees and travel over gently rolling terrain. If you are a dedicated walker, jogger, or runner a condo in Wailea may be far more appealing than one in Kihei, where traffic is heavier, sidewalks are narrower, and the quieter residential streets are often home to larger dogs.

Are you hoping to be centrally located so you can easily get to activities all over the island?

If your vacation plans include snorkeling in Honolua Bay, seeing the sunrise from the top of Haleakala, and a couple rounds of golf in Makena, nothing beats the convenience of a condo in North Kihei. These condos are usually affordable, close to sandy beaches, and you can easily find the nearby highways to travel quickly to anywhere in Maui.

How close to the beach do you want to be?

Of course, everyone says they want to stay right on the beach. Few things are as relaxing as wandering down to the beach with a glass of wine and a folding chair to watch the sunset. However, Maui’s beaches are popular with visitors and locals alike from before sunrise until after sunset and all of Hawaii’s beaches are available to everyone, there are no privately owned beaches anywhere in the islands. Unless you intend to spend some time each and every day at the beach you can save yourself some money and enjoy more privacy and quiet by choosing one of our Kihei or Wailea condos located across the street or just a block away from the beach.

What do you like to do at the beach?

Dedicated sunbathers and beachcombers need only a spit of sand, clear skies, and a good book to enjoy a day at the beach. Families with children may prefer beaches with parking, showers, picnic tables, lawns, and shade. Generally, beaches in South Kihei have more facilities than those in North Kihei and beaches in Wailea are further from their parking lots than those in Kihei.