Aloha returning travelers to Maui! We trust you’re getting a big start on your upcoming Maui vacation and are preparing for the incredible adventures that are in store for you once you arrive. If you find yourself sitting at your desk chair at work daydreaming of shave ice, whale watching tours, and the exciting twists and turns of the road to Hana, then why not channel that energy into planning your trip instead and get your dream vacation off the ground the right way.

While planning on renting an awesome oceanfront Maui condo for rent to stay in is a great first step, don’t forget to think about transportation on the island once you arrive. We know how much of a challenge it may seem to get from the airport to your lodging, but that journey just got a whole lot easier. In the past, your only options to and from the airports on Maui used to be limited to taxis, buses and rental cars. But now you’ll be happy to know that the personal taxi service Lyft will now be able to serve arriving vacationing guests such as yourself at designated pickup locations at both the Kahului and Kapalua airports.

Lyft, along with the Hawaii Department of Transportation, recently mentioned in a press release that the new services began on Feb. 1. According to representatives, the decision allows for the company to serve arriving guests such as yourself better, and Maui’s airports are now among the more than 350 airports across the United States and Canada that offer Lyft rideshare service. And just when you thought Maui couldn’t get much better…

We hope you’re as excited as we are for this new service on Maui. Now that your transportation is taken care of, all that’s left is finding your perfect rental for your vacation getaway. But don’t worry, we have your back there too. No need to stress about where you’re going to stay and how you’re going to afford it because we have a wide selection of rentals to choose from. If you’re looking for a great deal on a vacation rental, then make sure to look through our current rental specials. You can also check out our vacation rental map to see what’s for rent on the island before you land. Contact us if you see any rentals you like and let us know how we can help you get the most of your Maui excursion. Have a great week and let’s talk soon. Aloha!