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While you are probably eager to land so you can get started on enjoying all the activities on Maui that await for you here, don’t forget to think ahead about safety and that goes double for when you get in the ocean. Whether you live near gently crashing shores or not, Maui’s oceanside currents are strong and there’s much to learn about swimming in the big ocean blue here. Read on to learn some Maui beach safety tips for your stay in Hawaii.

Never Turn Your Back On The Ocean

Here’s a crucial tip! Even though you might not think twice, sometimes that split second of turning your back away from the ocean makes all the difference of being pummeled by a wave or making it back to shore safely.

Watch For Creatures

Hawaii’s waters have lots of critters, and while sharks might be your biggest fear it’s really the wana (sea urchin) you have to watch out for. Stepping on one of these guys will have you hurting for days so be careful! Seasonal jellyfish can be another concern. Watch for any beach sign postings before you head in the water.

Know Your Limits

Feeling tired? Overheated? Not sure you can swim too far out? Then don’t. It’s important that you know your limits and be sure to stay hydrated in the hot Hawaiian sun.

Watch For Rip Currents

This is a big one! Rip currents are strong in Hawaii and can carry you far out into the ocean so be careful and keep your eyes open while swimming or snorkeling.

Stay Out Of The Water During High Surf

Hawaii is known as the surf capital of the world. From the infamous Jaws to Hookipa Beach, the island of Maui is known for its big waves during the winter season so be careful if you’re not an ocean expert.

Those are some of our top Maui beach safety tips for your upcoming Hawaii adventure. If you have any questions about condo rentals on Maui, make sure to call us and we’ll be able to help you right away. Have a great Hawaii vacation, enjoy your time in the water and stay safe!