Vacationing to Maui is exciting because not only do you get to travel to the middle of the ocean and enjoy never-ending mai tais on the beach while watching the sunset each and every night, but you also will finally have a chance to leave the hustle and bustle of the mainland and subsequently reboot your mental and physical health.

One of the great benefits of being able to visit the island of Maui is that its natural habitat is still intact and, in return, offers a healthier way of life so you can truly leave your stresses and worries behind you. During your Maui vacation, you will have access to fresh fruits and vegetables, some much needed Vitamin D, and some of the cleanest air around. That’s right-clean air!

According to the American Lung Association “State of the Air” report, Maui’s towns of Wailuku, Kahului, and Lahaina were ranked number one in the Top 25 Cleanest US Cities for Year-round Particle Pollution. These three towns were lumped together and tied for the number one spot in the report, along with Honolulu and Cheyenne, WY. Wailuku, Kahului, and Lahaina had just a -0.6 µg/m3 change in Particle Pollution since 2000. And earned a B for particle pollution over a 24 hour period! Go Maui!

The American Lung Association’s 2019 “State of the Air” report also stated that more than 4 in 10 Americans are currently living in unhealthy air and, in return, are putting their health and lives at risk. If you’re ready to get some fresh air and are looking for a place to rebuild your health, then make sure to book a flight to Maui and spend some time outdoors.

If you’re ready to plan your vacation, then let us help you by finding you the best vacation rental in Maui for your time on the island. Use our Maui vacation condo map to see what accommodations are available for rent on the island or explore our vacation rental discounts from time to time to snag a great deal on a rental. Contact us if you have any questions and we can’t wait to share our air and our aloha with you during your stay in the islands. Have a great work week and don’t forget to relax, and breath!