Biking on Maui has many perks. The skies are (almost) always clear, the views are astounding, and there is generally not much in the way of traffic to speak of. However, just as with any other place where there are roads populated with vehicles of any kinds, there are some general rules you should always abide by when traveling to/from your South Maui vacation rental by bicycle:

  • Avoid trouble by heeding all traffic signs and signals.
  • Always use marked bicycle lanes where available.
  • Never ride your bicycle on sidewalks
  • Always wear protective gear. A full complement of safety gear for your head, arms, and legs is preferable, but at the very least you should always ride with a helmet.
  • For your kids: Hawaii state law requires any child 15 years of age or younger to wear safety helmet when operating a bicycle.
  • Bright clothing, day or night, should be worn while biking to increase your visibility (and therefore safety) to others around you.
  • Go with the flow; never ride against the flow of traffic.
  • Always use appropriate hand signals.
  • Always be courteous to motorists, regardless of whether you are traveling down the quiet residential neighborhood of your waterfront Maui condo, or taking a trek down the side of Mt Haleakala.

With these tips in mind; have fun, stay safe!