Can’t wait to get away to your South Maui vacation rental? Make sure your trip is as carefree as possible with these smart travel planning tips:

  • Make copies of your most important personal information (medical cards/info, driver’s license, social security card, passport, emergency contacts, etc.) and leave them back home with someone you can trust. This ensures that, in the unlikely event you misplace your important information while on vacation, you will still have basic access to your most important information while away.
  • We know you’re excited to start enjoying the fun and sun on Maui, but be sure to take the time to “read the fine print” when purchasing your airline and other travel tickets/services. Some carriers may offer great deals, but with the caveat of non refund-ability for any reason. Be aware of this prior to booking to avoid any problems in the event an unforeseen issue causes a slight delay in your travel plans.
  • Consider purchasing travel insurance: like other forms of insurance, a good policy  will keep you covered in the event of a change of plans, cancelations, or unlikely mishaps.
  • Contact us prior to packing for an update on the current and forecasted weather during your vacation to Maui, and pack accordingly. (Don’t worry, 9 times out of 10 you will be packing for clear blue skies and warm sunny days)

Now that you have your travel plans all set you’re just about ready for your vacation on Maui to begin!  Keep an eye on this space (or better yet, subscribe to our blog!) for more Maui vacation travel tips coming soon!