In this edition of our Maui Travel Tips series, we give you some suggestions to keep you safe while traveling on our island’s wonderful roadways:

  • Put the phone away: Hawaii state law prohibits the operation of cell phones or other electronic devices while operating a motor vehicle. This includes talking/texting while stopped at a stop light,  using your phones camera to take pictures/video while driving, etc. If you need to use your phone while on the road, it’s recommended that you either use your car’s integrated hands free / voice activated system, or pull into a marked parking lot or similar area, turn off your vehicle, and text/make your call at that point. Fines for violating this law are hefty, and enforcement is strict, so if you will be driving, put your phone away!
  • Fasten your seatbelt: Just because you are on vacation on Maui, does not mean you can forget standard safety protocols when driving. Accidents happen even in paradise, so be sure to buckle your seatbelt, and have all your passengers fasten theirs as well, before departing your South Maui vacation rental or any other destination. As with the above cell phone law, fines for not wearing your seat belt are also hefty, and enforcement is just as strict as well.
  • Follow all speed limit and road safety signs.
  • Partying on Maui is fun, but if you plan on having any alcoholic drinks, be sure to either have a designated driver with you or call a cab when it’s time to go back to your vacation rental.
  • Driving to the beach? Take only the essentials with you, keeping any values safely locked away in your vacation rental, or on your person at the beach. An unfortunate side effect of having the most beautiful beaches in the world is the occasional thief who will target cars with valuables parked at said beaches. That being said, even without any valuables in your car, be sure to lock your  vehicle before hitting the sand to further deter any would be thieves.
  • While Maui is surely one of the safest places on the planet, it’s always best to use caution and common sense when exploring our beautiful roadways. Don’t pick up hitchhikers, park in well lit areas, be aware of your surroundings, etc.

Now get out there and enjoy the ride! Mahalo!