You can hear the serene surf calling you the moment you check in to your waterfront Maui vacation rental. However, before you take the plunge, keep the following in mind to keep the surf from getting the best of you:

  • Never, ever, EVER turn your back on the ocean. While you should always enjoy our warm waters as much as possible, never underestimate the power which they wield. It’s very easy to be knocked over by an unsuspecting wave while your back is turned, particularly when the waters seemed so calm just moments earlier. So err on the side of caution and be sure to always have an eye on the sea rather than the shoreline.
  • Always heed posted warning/hazardous conditions advisory signs. As experienced swimmers will tell you, these signs can not only keep you out of trouble, but could potentially save your life.
  • Stormy weather on the horizon? Stay on the shore. While inclement weather is a rare sight in South Maui, the occasional storm condition can change surf conditions rapidly. Play it safe, check the weather forecast before heading out, and keep an eye out for any changes in the weather while at the beach.
  • Choose beaches that have lifeguards on duty: Not only will they be able to assist you if you or your loved ones are in trouble, they will also be able to warn you of potential changes in water conditions you should know about.
  • Practice safety in numbers. Bring family and friends along for your beach day so that everyone can keep an eye out and help keep each other safe. This is especially crucial when your group consists of one or more children; never leave any children unsupervised in the water or on the beach.
  • Sun block is your friend. Apply generously!
  • While you may be having fun in the water, your body is still easily susceptible to dehydration. Keep lots of bottled water on hand and take a break to rehydrate regularly.
  • Walking on slippery off shore reefs, climbing on slippery wet rocks, or diving off what looks to be a safe rock/cliff/waterfall/etc. – Don’t do any of these things. Slippery rocks and reefs pose an obvious hazard if you slip and fall, while diving is generally a bad idea as the water below may not be deep enough to support your dive, which could cause bodily injury or worse.
  • Enjoy your alcoholic beverages after you’ve had a fulfilling day in the water. Just as you wouldn’t drink and drive due to impaired judgment and reaction times, you shouldn’t drink and swim or operate water bound vehicles for the same reasons.

With these tips in mind, enjoy your time in the water and, above all else, stay safe out there!