A big part of Maui’s charm as a world renowned vacation destination is, of course, our islands wonderfully abundant natural beauty. Amazing lush tropical forests, fabulous top tier beaches (many just steps from your South Maui vacation rental!) and much more make Maui the perfect place to conduct a bit of exploration on foot, safely. Here are a few tips for making sure your Maui exploration experience is a safe one:

  • Whether exploring a remote beach or hiking through jungle trails, prepare ahead of time. Be sure to bring, pack, apply, etc. a number of common personal safety/comfort items including:
    Protective (from sun, bugs, etc.) bright colored clothing.
    Water (to prevent dehydration)
    Snacks (As tempting as it might be, it is best not to eat or drink fruits, berries, stream water, etc. found “on the trail.”)
    Adventure adequate footwear (i.e. boots, not sandals, when going for a hike)
    Cell phone
  • Before venturing out, be sure to let a friend or family member know what your plans are, when you expect to be, and when you think you’ll be back at your Maui vacation rental. Also brief them on phone numbers of local information and emergency services to notify if you do not make it back/call in a timely manner.
  • If going for a hike, bring some friends. Not only is it more fun to explore together, it’s also a good idea to have some backup with you in the event that experience an issue while out.
  • Heed all posted warning signs. Hazardous conditions, “No Trespassing,” or signs marked “Kapu” (loosely translated as “keep out”) in particular should be heeded at all times; regardless of what you may have heard/read from other sources.
  • If something seems a bit too risky, it is. Rock climbing, diving into a pool at the bottom of a cliff or waterfall, cramped looking trails with deep drop offs, fast moving stream/river water, etc. should all be avoided. In addition, if you notice a rapid change in water level or speed, or hear what sounds like rumbling coming from upstream, get to higher ground immediately. Flash flood waters originating from far upstream are always a possibility, even on the best looking days.
  • Check local weather forecasts before going out. If inclement weather is forecast, put off your Maui wilderness adventure for the time being.

Now that you’re prepared, get out there and enjoy our island paradise!