You found the perfect place to stay, made the arrangements, and you are now in-flight to Maui, Hawaii. The excitement could not be more real as you are just hours away from your very own Maui adventure but as that food cart comes around, a little disappointment settles in. We get it, airplane food is definitely not a 5-star experience for your taste buds. Thankfully the route from the Kahului airport to your South Maui vacation rental includes a number of places to grab a satisfying bite!

The term “but first coffee” is a common thought while traveling and is basically a necessity as you step onto Hawaiian soil so early in the day. Start your first day on the island off right with a refreshing cup of island coffee, or tea, before settling into your oceanfont condo. There are a number of local café favorites here on Maui including the tucked away Blue Moon Café!  Just off Piilani Highway, this charming restaurant offers delicious food with hints of local flavors in a casual setting. With a rental car full of suitcases, Blue Moon Café’s big windows makes it easy to keep a watchful eye while enjoying a hearty breakfast!

Lunch and Dinner
As Hawaii’s “Restaurant of Choice,” Zippy’s is the perfect pit stop on your way to the home away from home. Although the restaurant is famous for its original chili recipe and its renditions, there is a diverse variety of dishes that highlights local flavors. Zippy’s is also home to Napoleon’s Bakery, which was opened in 1983 with the aim of making Hawaii a little sweeter. Stop on by, enjoy the tasty eats, and snag a box of puffed pastries to go!

Built on the dream of designing an inclusive menu that includes amazing dishes for a broad array of dietary restrictions and preferences, Maui Brick Oven is yummy spot for tourists and locals alike! Venture off your route on South Kihei road and enjoy the phenomenal food touched with aloha as well as the cool Hawaiian atmosphere.

What better way to experience the fresh seafood of Hawaii than in sushi, right? If you are looking to splurge a little, we suggest you take a small detour to Sansei Seafood Restaurant and Sushi Bar located slightly off of South Kihei road. Serving contemporary sushi and innovative fusion seafood, Sansei features a fun and lively setting that is most sought after by both guests and residents. The restaurant is so popular that there are several locations across the island chain!

We got you covered for breakfast, lunch, and dinner but let’s not forget dessert! Try some local treats to satisfy your Maui vacation sweet tooth. While these current favorites will keep you on route to your Rentals Maui tropical retreat, there is a long list of incredible restaurants worth exploring during your time here!