If you’re looking for a unique and affordable dining experience while visiting Maui, South Shore Grindz Eatery is the perfect spot. Located in the heart of Kihei town, this cozy eatery radiates the spirit of aloha through its welcoming atmosphere and delicious menu. Featuring Hawaiian dishes with a twist as well as a unique island flare, the restaurant offers something for everyone. For both those seeking traditional homestyle cuisine or looking to try something entirely new, South Shore Grindz provides an unforgettable experience. As a locally owned and operated business, it’s also more than just great food – it’s an opportunity to support the local Maui community.

Here you can break away from normal tourist traps and enjoy classic favorites like Hawaiian plate lunches with chicken katsu or teriyaki beef, poke bowls, loco moco stacks, burgers, sandwiches, and much more. Made with locally sourced ingredients and prepared to perfection, each plate is a flavorful feast that will transport you to paradise. It’s no wonder why South Shore Grindz Eatery has become a favorite among locals and tourists alike! So next time you’re in Kihei make sure to stop by – your taste buds will thank you!

Mission: The South Shore Grindz Eatery

South Shore Grindz is an excellent place to eat for anyone who wants to experience some true Maui flavor. Their commitment to using only high-quality ingredients, which they get from local Maui sources, makes their dishes something special. By strengthening the ties between its restaurant and its surrounding community, South Shore Grindz continues to prove that it truly deserves its reputation for serving some of the best food on the island. If you’re ready for a unique culinary experience that pays homage to Hawaii’s rich culture, head on down to South Shore Grindz and tastes the real flavors of Maui!

The South Shore Grindz Eatery strives to keep the community together and resilient by promoting local vendors and suppliers. During this difficult time of the pandemic, it is essential to remind ourselves of the importance of connection. The South Shore Grindz Eatery offers a moment of refuge away from worries by providing an inviting atmosphere where local, residential, and visiting patrons can enjoy delicious fare with friends or family. Here, you can take comfort in the warm embrace of a welcoming environment. Ultimately, it’s guaranteed that each diner will walk away feeling full from a hearty meal along with a deeper appreciation for their being part of something greater.

The restaurant is a spot to come together and share positive stories, with great food and close friends. They are dedicated to being a pillar in the local community, which is why they provide products from local entrepreneurs and artists whose intentions are to promote growth and strength within the community. Through offering these local goods alongside excellent hospitality, the eatery strives to make our customers feel both welcomed and supported in their endeavors of helping make the community stronger. Visit now; get ready to relax, share laughs over delicious meals, talk stories with close friends, and discover products from other local champions who empower the strength of our community.

Great Selection of Delectable Food

If you’re looking for the best Hawaiian-style grindz on the island, then South Shore Grindz Eatery is the place to go! Kihei’s premier spot near vacation rentals for authentic local cuisine has something delicious for everyone. From delicious loco moco and Sumo plates to Banh Mi burgers and arguably the tastiest spam musubi you’ll find in all of Hawaii, get ready to satisfy your taste buds with an unforgettable feast.

Appetizers and Salads

At South Shore Grindz Eatery, you can begin your incredible meal with an unforgettable appetizer. Try the Fish Taco – a flavorsome combination of Mahi, Garlic Aioli, Asian Slaw, and Pineapple Salsa that’s sure to tantalize your tastebuds. For a local favorite, order the popular Ceviche – prepared with freshly sourced seafood mixed with onions, tomatoes, and cucumber then topped with cilantro for an extra kick of flavor. No matter your appetite or culinary preference, South Shore Grindz Eatery has an amazing selection of appetizers to suit everyone’s needs.

At South Shore Grindz Eatery, they know sometimes you crave something healthy. To satisfy your palate, they offer an exquisite selection of fresh salads: from the classic Side Salad with mixed greens, cherry tomatoes, carrots, and cucumber dressed in Asian vinaigrette to the ever-favored Ceasar Salad or Asian Chicken Salad – no matter what you go for, you can look forward to delectable flavor and nutritive goodness.

Paninis and Burgers

South Shore Grindz Eatery has something that can satisfy any craving. With a wide selection of paninis and burgers, you will be spoilt for choice. For example, their most popular burger is the Veggielicious Burger! This delicious concoction made from a Brioche bun, onion, lettuce, tomato, and garlic aioli is sure to tantalize your taste buds! Not feeling a burger? Their Panko-crusted fish sandwich incorporates Thai Chili slaw for a nice spicy kick and is finished off with tartar sauce, Mahi, and an elegant brioche bun. Enjoy this tasty treat at South Shore Grindz Eatery today!

Local Plates and Noodles

For a meal that will keep you full and satisfied, you can’t go wrong with a delicious rice dish or noodle option from South Shore Grindz Eatery. One particular favorite is the Loco Moco, made of a tasty house hamburger patty, two eggs and served over rice doused in gravy. For those looking for an exciting and unique dish, their Blackened Mahi Mahi is an excellent choice. It features Kabayaki glaze, and short brown butter and comes topped with sautéed vegetables on a bed of perfectly cooked rice.

If you’re a noodle fan, be sure to try the ever-famous Thai Peanut Noodles. Chow fun noodles are smothered with a tasty Thai peanut sauce, mixed Asian vegetables, and topped off with some crushed peanuts for good measure. For vegetarians, their Vegetarian Crazy Noodles also is definitely worth trying. This dish contains local Udon noodles and is submerged in a rich black bean sauce and topped with scallions. Everything about this treat will make any noodle enthusiast go crazy!

The iconic eatery is known for its amazing selection of deliciously indulgent foods, but that’s not all they have to offer. With their Keikis, delicious drinks, and beautiful cakes, pastries and desserts too, they offer something for everyone. Guaranteed to put a smile on your face, their mouth-watering goodies will be sure to make your sweet tooth sing! So why wait? Dig in now and thank us later – you won’t regret it!

Perfect Location with Ocean View

Visitors and locals seeking a top-tier dining experience need to look no further than the eatery in the heart of Kihei. Featuring an incredible array of culinary delights crafted with passion and expertise, complemented by a relaxed atmosphere ideal for intimate dates or large gatherings, this oceanfront restaurant offers an unbeatable combination of quality and convenience. With its close proximity to many of the area’s popular vacation rentals, foodies can savor a wide selection of delicious dishes without sacrificing accessibility. All in all, it’s clear that this Kihei dining destination has something to offer everyone – from those looking to explore new flavor profiles to those who wish to share a meal with family and friends.

Open Hours and Ordering

South Shore Grindz Eatery offers an array of delicious flavors that are easily accessible seven days a week. From 11 AM – 9 PM, customers can visit the eatery to enjoy a tasty meal without disruption. For those individuals renting our vacation rentals in Kihei, delivery options are also available. Diners can order online or call (808) 856-0016 for additional information. No matter the hour or occasion, South Shore Grindz Eatery is equipped to provide quality food and a convenient atmosphere for your next dining experience.

A Perfect Place to Dine

With its mouth-watering menu options and welcoming atmosphere, South Shore Grindz Eatery is quickly becoming a favorite hotspot among the locals. If you are looking for a place to enjoy a delicious meal or meet with your friends, this eatery provides the perfect backdrop. Experiencing their delectable dishes alone is worth the visit; however, it doesn’t stop there. All food is cooked fresh using only the finest ingredients available, so every bite bursts with flavor. Don’t miss your chance – come by South Shore Grindz Eatery now and see why it has earned such a rabid fan base!