South Maui Beach Vacation

By Kathy Englert

Last week we talked about how much there is to do on Maui, and how you can find all that information on our website. But there’s one subject that may be more important than all the rest. One reason for coming to Maui that rivals all others. One quest that rivals all other quests… okay, I may be exaggerating a bit, but the quest for a great beach is important. Of course, if you’re vacationing in South Maui, you don’t have to quest far; you probably only have to open the door and walk outside.

South Maui is known for it’s beaches. And for good reason. There are lots of them, and they stretch seemingly forever. Don’t believe us? Just go to our Maui beaches page, and click on “South.” Go ahead, we dare you. Charlie Young, Kalama, Kamaole I, II and III, Makena’s big beach, just to name a few.

If your main goal when visiting Maui is to relax on the sand, the sun warming your skin and perfecting your tan, then one of our South Maui rental properties will be just right for you. Check out the units we have available at the Palms at Wailea, close to the magnificent Keawakapu beach. Or plan a stay at the Kamaole Sands, just minutes from Kamaole Beach Park III. Stake your claim to a spot on one of our pristine South Maui beaches and get started on that tan!