Stress Free Flying

By Kathy Englert

The fact is, most visitors to Hawaii are not frequent fliers. If you are one of the many people who consider flying an ordeal, here are a few tips to make your trip much more to maui

1) Get a good nights sleep. It seems like a small thing, but airports and airplanes are stressful places full of people from all over the world, being well rested before you begin your trip will reduce your chances of contracting a cold, reduce your stress levels, and minimize jet lag.

2) Pack light, but check a bag. Most airlines will charge you $10 to $20 to check a bag, do it anyway. Not having to drag thirty pounds of luggage on and off multiple airplanes is well worth it. Pack one extra outfit in your carry on, and check your liquid toiletries to streamline your security experience. Carry on only medicine or toiletries you are certain or likely to need before your arrival.

3) Stay hydrated. Having your routine disrupted and breathing the thin, dry air of an airplane makes it hard to get enough water into your system. Buy a bottle of water once you get through security, or carry an empty bottle through security and fill it on the other side. Limiting yourself to one or two alcoholic beverages total (at the airport and on the flight) during the trip will also make staying hydrated easier.

4) Dress in layers. Airport terminals can be stuffy, and planes are usually cool. A light jacket or sweater will help you stay comfortable without being bulky. Wear socks and shoes for your flight, you’ll have to take them off at security, but your feet will stay warm for the flight.

5) Pack electronics in their own bag. Laptops, tablets, dvd players, and video cameras must be screened separate from the bag you are carrying them in so make sure they’re easy access in your carry on. Film, small cameras, mp3 players, and cell phones can be left in your luggage for screening.

6) Bring something to do on the flight. Decks of playing cards, crosswords, or handheld video games are great for airplanes. Don’t plan on sleeping unless you’re in first class, you’ll just wake up with a sore neck. Instead, make the flight fun by spending the time talking, or playing cards with your spouse, children, or travel companion.

7) Relax, breathe, and read the signs. Airports can seem very confusing, especially if you are changing flights. Every terminal will have screens showing incoming and departing flights. Find your next fight on the screens near your arrival gate, there you can find the gate number and whether your flight is on time. Airports have large signs overhead to direct you to your destination, simply follow the signs to your gate, if you become lost, ask any airline desk for help.

8) Remember to smile and be polite. Airport personnel work very hard and like to know that they are appreciated just like everyone else. Also, being nice will make you feel better and let you focus on the positive parts of your trip and shrug off the snags and potholes.

Planning ahead and being able to go with the flow are vital for pleasant traveling. Relax and enjoy your airport adventure on your way to Maui. Browse through this site to see vacation rental rates and the incredible amenities available. Remember, if you travel with aloha, aloha with travel with you.