Are you an avid gardener looking to getaway to a relaxing waterfront Maui condo rental? As our Green Thumbed friends can attest, vacations far from home can be great to recharge your batteries, but arriving back home to a garden which has been neglected for a few weeks or months can take away from the fresh memories of that fantastic Wailea condo rental on the beach. Thanks to a number of enterprising individuals across the country, there is now a fantastic solution for keeping up a garden while eon vacation: Garden Sitters!

Just as house sitters offer great peace of mind by watching your home and pets while you’re away, garden sitters offer the same comfort for those whom take pride in the health of their cherished gardens. While you could simply hire a person to come by and water your plants, professional Garden Sitters will tend to your prized flowers, ferns, and fruits with the utmost care; ensuring they are just as lively and vibrant, if not more so, when you return from your Maui vacation as they were on the day you left.

So how do you go about finding the right Garden Sitter? Professionals recommend starting by looking on-line or in your local paper for Garden sitters or Landscape Gardeners. Once you find one that looks promising, schedule a face to face interview where you can walk them through your garden and discuss how you would like your plants to be tended to; watering amounts, fertilizes to use, pesticides to avoid, times to visit the property, etc. finally, create a “to-do” list for your newly hired Garden Sitter and go over it before leaving for your vacation. These steps will help to ensure your new Garden Sitter takes good care of your precious plants while you are away.

If you’re a resident of Maui planning an off island vacation and looking for a local Garden Sitter, give us a shout via email or our Facebook Page and we’ll help you find a knowledgeable expert to tend to your garden in paradise. Mahalo!