Looking to celebrate the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday on Maui? Here are a few tips to make your flight to and from our island paradise as easygoing and trouble free as possible:

  • When to purchase your airline tickets.
    If you haven’t yet bought your tickets, now is the time to do so. For obvious reasons, airfare will be on  a steady rise from now through November, so the sooner you buy, the cheaper it (should) be.
  • Arrival/Departure
    The day before Thanksgiving and the Sunday following are quite possibly two of the worst, most crowded days to fly within the US all year. To save yourself the headaches, try to instead book your flight to Maui the Tuesday (or earlier) prior to Thanksgiving and your return flight for the Saturday, Monday, or later, after the holiday.
  • Head for the Outskirts
    If you are leaving from/returning to a major hub (e.g. LAX) consider booking your flights to/from a lesser trafficked, nearby secondary airport. Not only are these secondary hubs less crowded on average; you may also be able to find a cheaper rate on your airfare as well!
  • Lug that luggage!
    If at all possible, consider packing light enough to tote your carry on instead of checking your baggage. This will help save time waiting in line, with the side benefit of not having to worry about your luggage getting lost in transit.
  • All the little things
    Of course all your standard time/stress savers apply to holiday flying just as they do any other flights at any other time of the year: Have all your documentation (ID, boarding pass, etc.) ready and easily accessible, dress in airport appropriate attire (i.e. easy on/easy off footwear,) and get to the airport early just in case there is a holdup prior to boarding.

Now that you have your travel plans ready, is you haven’t done so already, be sure to book your waterfront Maui vacation rental today while they are still available! Mahalo!