Make your trip to Maui as easy as possible with these handy travel tips:

  1. Bring/Buy Plastic sandwich bags
    Closeable sandwich bags are extremely useful for all manner of situations while on you Maui vacation: From keeping your phone dry and sand free at the beach, to helping you sort and transport your wet clothes back to your Maui vacation rental, among other things.
  2. Track your flight with Google
    Simply type your airline name and flight number into Google’s search bar for a quick overview of your flight time, status, terminal, and gate information.
  3. Use Google Maps without internet access
    For those few times when Wi-Fi or mobile data access is unavailable, you can save your map of Maui for offline view with just a few simple steps:
    1. With internet enabled, open your Google Maps App
    2. Sign in to your Google Account
    3. Search for the are you would like to save (e.g. Kihei, Wailea, etc.)
    4. Tap “menu > Make Available Offline.”
    5. Find your saved map(s) under “menu > Your places.”
  4. Keep your clothes smelling fresh
    By placing a dryer sheet in your suitcase/travel bag prior to departure.
  5. Maximize your suitcase space
    By rolling your clothes neatly instead of folding them when packing.
  6. Organize your vitamins and your jewelry
    Buy a multi-day pill case from your local pharmacy and use it to safely store your earrings, rings, pendants, etc. while traveling.
  7. Plastic wrap it!
    For bottles with flip top lids: unscrew the cover, place plastic wrap over the bottle opening, and replace the cover for extra protection against spillage.
  8. Keep your phone charged
    Bring a portable battery charger for those times when you don’t have a power outlet readily available, and keep your phone on “Airplane Mode” to help it charge faster/use less battery when internet access is not necessary.

Of course don’t forget the most important Maui travel tip of all: For the best vacation experience on Maui, book your Maui vacation rental with Rentals Maui today! Mahalo!