Vacation in Wailea

By Kathy Englert

Maui is known for its sunshine and beaches; as a place with some of the best weather in the world, and year-round warmth. But it’s also known for its lush tropical vegetation and bountiful waterfalls. For lush vegetation and waterfalls you need rain. But if it’s sunny all the time, how can that be?

It’s called the rain shadow effect. Maui is made up of two mountains; the jagged and more eroded West Maui Mountains, and Haleakala, with a valley connecting the two. The larger bit of Maui is really just the tip of a huge mountain sticking out of the sea. (It rises up over 10,000 feet, but extends below the water over 18,000 feet!)

As the tropical trade winds blow across the ocean picking up moisture, then up the slopes of Haleakala, they create clouds and rain. This makes the windward side of Maui lush and wet. You can experience this side of our island by taking a trip along the road to Hana, or one of the helicopter tours into the interior of the island.

What this means for the leeward side of Maui is lots of sunshine and great weather. It also means beaches. Lots of beaches. Wailea Maui lies in this lee shadow of Haleakala. This is one of the main reasons it has become such a great vacation destination. It’s the perfect location for world class golf, tennis, upscale shopping, ocean activities and awe inspiring sunsets. We have many Wailea vacation rentals for your perfect Maui vacation. The Wailea Ekolu, Wailea Elua, and Wailea Grand Champions to name a few. Ready to plan that Maui vacation? Check availability with our on-line calendar and reservation system. See you on the beach!