Traveling to Hawaii on a budget is possible and can even be more rewarding than booking expensive tour packages. Hawaii is, no doubt, one of the world’s best destinations for a beach holiday. Unfortunately, a trip to this island paradise can get pretty expensive. Surveys show that visitors to Hawaii spend an average of $150 to $200 per day, and more than half of this amount goes to their Hawaii accommodations. It’s not surprising given the high cost of living in this US state.

Thankfully, there are many ways to save money on your Hawaiian holiday. In fact, there are many opportunities to do Hawaii on a budget, from affordable airline fares to vacation rental deals and discounted activities. Read on for some tips on how to visit Hawaii on a budget.

Book your flights as early as possible

The airfare is usually one of the biggest expenditures for your Hawaii trip, even more so if you came from outside the United States. To save money on your flight ticket, book your trip as early as possible. Flight experts said that booking your flight more than 30 days in advance is the best way to get affordable airfares.

When searching for affordable flights to Hawaii, use flight booking engines like Skyscanner and Kayak, which display airfares of different airlines and allow you to compare prices for several days or an entire month. If your travel date is flexible, you can choose to fly on those days with the cheapest fares.

Stay at a vacation rental

One of the most surefire ways to save money on your holiday to Hawaii is to stay at a vacation rental. These properties are cheaper than hotels and resorts, yet they come with luxury amenities and services that rival some of the most expensive resorts in Hawaii. For instance, when staying at an oceanfront condo in Maui, you will get easy access to the beach and several watersports activities. These luxury properties also come with pools and other amenities, allowing you to enjoy your vacation to the fullest.

If you are traveling in a group, divide the cost of a vacation rental home to enjoy even more savings. For instance, the 2-bedroom condos in Maui can be shared by two families. These spacious condominiums are also ideal for groups of travelers who want to stay together in one place instead of booking two separate hotel rooms.

Look for special deals on tours and activities

Many tour operators in Hawaii offer discounts on tours and activities, especially during this pandemic. Get in touch with these companies online and arrange your itinerary ahead. Try to ask for exclusive discounts and other privileges.

Traveling during the off-season is another way to do Hawaii on a budget. During this time, tour operators would lure travelers by offering huge discounts on attractions and activities. These include helicopter rides, kayaking tours, snorkeling, and many others. And aside from saving money, traveling to Hawaii during the off-season means you can avoid the busy crowds.

Cook your meals to minimize eating out

One of the advantages of booking a vacation rental is that you will have a fully-equipped kitchen, which allows you to cook meals, and this is another way to save money. You can hit the grocery stores and local markets to pick up fresh ingredients and cook any meal you want.

If you are holidaying in Maui, you can shop for fish or seafood right off the boats and buy fresh produce from local organic farms. This is healthier and much cheaper than dining at restaurants or ordering takeout. Of course, you can still dine at some of Hawaii’s best restaurants, but if you want to save money, you should limit eating out.

Use public transportation

While it’s convenient to rent a car on your holiday to Hawaii, this can cost a lot of money. Aside from paying for the daily car rental fees, you also need to spend money on gas and parking fees. If you are only staying for a few days, it might be best to skip the car rental and use public transportation instead.

Some of the major cities in Maui, such as Lahaina and Kaanapali, have public buses that can take you from one place to another for a very affordable fare. Also, if you are staying at some of the luxury vacation rentals, you could take advantage of the free shuttle service. There are also ride-sharing services if you want a more convenient way of traveling around the islands.

Stay in cheaper areas

Staying in the more affluent areas in Hawaii could cost you a lot of money. These areas have more expensive grocery items, take-out meals, gas, and rent compared to the cheaper areas. So if you want to visit Hawaii on a budget, you should avoid staying at these places.

For those who plan to holiday in Maui, consider staying in Hana, home to some of the most budget-friendly hotels and vacation rentals. However, the area is a bit isolated, so it’s more suitable for those who have a car rental. Also, if you plan on driving along the scenic Hana Highway, then Hana is the best place for you to stay. There are also lots of affordable vacation rentals in South Maui that are only a few minutes away from the world-class beaches of Kihei, Wailea, and Makena.

Take advantage of free activities

There are tons of great activities to do in Hawaii for travelers on a budget. Others won’t even require you to spend a single amount of money. If you are the adventurous type, then going on a hike along the many scenic trails of Hawaii is highly recommended.

All beaches in Hawaii are also open to the public, except for some Federal Government areas. So, if your main reason for coming to Hawaii is to swim or frolic at the beach, then you can do that free of charge!

As you can see, there are many ways in which you can visit Hawaii on a budget. Just do your research well and plan your trip as early as you can. To save even more money on your accommodation, take advantage of the exclusive vacation rental deals. These properties can be rented at a discounted rate, especially if you book for long-term stays.