Imagine falling asleep to the calming sound of sea waves and waking up to the coolness of the fresh sea breeze. From your window, you can see the ocean stretch as far as the eyes can see. Sit back as you marvel at the fantastic view while enjoying your morning cup of tea or coffee. Then, watch the sunset from your balcony before setting up an al fresco dinner.

The sights, the sounds, the scents – staying in an oceanfront condo is absolutely a delight to the senses.  More so if you are having a holiday getaway on an island as idyllic and picturesque as Maui. One of the best places to stay in Maui is the South, where you will find the stunning and luxurious communities of Kihei, Maalaea, and Wailea.

All seasoned travelers know that accommodations determine the quality of the trip and could make or break the vacation. Your lodgings should be aesthetically pleasing, comfortable, safe, and convenient, and oceanfront condos meet these criteria and more.

In case you’re wondering why you should choose to stay in an oceanfront condo in Maui, check out these top reasons why.

Fantastic views

Oceanfront buildings are designed to give you the best views from various angles of the room. That is why most oceanfront condos typically have floor-to-ceiling windows and sweeping terraces. Undoubtedly, the stunning panorama of the sea adds a little more flavor and excitement to your holiday. After all, who doesn’t love the beach, especially one as gorgeous as the ones in Maui?

Even if strolling or lounging on the beach is not your cup of tea, you will still love staying in an oceanfront condo. The vistas are soothing and relaxing, and you can take them in the comfort of your vacation home. What better way to immerse with nature without sacrificing luxury?

Before deciding on which condo to rent, make sure you pick oceanfront instead of ocean view. To some people, these terms are interchangeable, but there is a distinct difference. The balconies of oceanfront condos face straight at the ocean, while those in ocean view condos are on the side instead of the front. Because oceanfront condos have better views of the sea, they are more expensive.

If you are staying in South Kihei, check out the 2 Bedroom vacation rentals in Royal Mauian, which face the breathtaking Kamaole Beach. Or, if you’re looking for a homey place to lodge in Maalaea, consider 2 Bedroom oceanfront condos at Royal Mauian.

Unparalleled comfort and luxury

How important is comfort when you’re on vacation? For many travelers, it tops the list. Most oceanfront condos combine the amenities and services of a 5-star hotel with the cozy familiarity of your home. Your accommodation is your home away from home, where you can recharge or unwind after a long day of visiting tourist spots.

But going on a holiday does not mean you have to be outdoors all the time. There are times when you merely want to stay in the comfort of your vacation home. Renting an oceanfront condo is the perfect way to bond with your partner, family, or friends without going out. Prepare food together in the modern and fully equipped kitchen, watch your favorite shows in the spacious and fully furnished living room, or share meals in the elegant dining space.

If you decide to explore the surroundings, you will not be disappointed. These condos often have high-end amenities that are free to use. You can dip in a resort-style swimming pool, soak in a jacuzzi tub, watch the sunset on the lanai, cook at the barbeque area, or sunbathe on the lawn against the backdrop of the ocean.

Are you traveling as a group? Check out the oceanfront Maui getaway at Luana Kai Resort that has one and two-bedroom vacation rentals that can sleep up to seven guests.


One benefit of staying in an oceanfront condo in South Maui is the convenience and ease of access.  Most of these vacation homes are centrally located.  It means they are not only easy to find but are also near where the action happens. It means you can easily and quickly travel to other locations, especially beaches.  You can practically walk into the beach the moment you step outside.

More importantly, you don’t have to take long drives to visit shops, bars, golf clubs, cafés, restaurants, and other attractions.  In the long run, you save time, money, and energy.  With everything within reach, your vacation will be as stress and hassle-free as it should be.

Amazing Health Benefits

Did you know that living near the ocean can help improve your health?  Studies show that breathing in salt air is good for the lungs. Salt is also a natural antibacterial, so spending some time soaking in the sea helps the body heal acne, cuts, scrapes, and even relieve inflammation. Living in an oceanfront condo also provides you with lots of sunlight. Sunlight is a good source of Vitamin D, which increases calcium absorption, boosts the immune system, aids in digestion, protects muscles and bones, and promotes heart health.

Research also reveals that staying near a body of water helps people feel calmer. It aids you to sleep better, relieve day-to-day stress, and improve your workouts. Furthermore, the sea allows you to stay connected with nature, the environment, and other people, promoting total well-being.

Get value for your money

Yes, oceanfront condos are often more expensive compared to other accommodations, but you ultimately get great value for your money. We are talking about high-end amenities, safety, convenience, luxury, comfort, and stunning ocean views.

You might be surprised to know that not all oceanfront condos are as pricey as you would imagine! Some condos cost as low as $179 a night, such as some of the Kihei beachfront condos at Maui Sunset Resort. Although the rate is not what you might call cheap, it is a good deal considering the location, facilities, services, and proximity to a beautiful white sandy beach. Keep an eye out for vacation rental deals and specials, especially during the offseason, to enjoy even better prices.