So you’ve decided to go online and book your vacation condo on Maui? With surf, sun, sand, and fun fun fun surely on your mind, there is another important step to remember before embarking on your trip: packing.

While you will be vacationing on one of the most beautiful tropical islands in the world, with the many restrictions typically imposed by airports and airlines to travelers throughout the world, you will no doubt want to pack just the essentials for your vacation on Maui. With this in mind, we have created a handy “cheat sheet” to help you decide what to bring, and what to buy, while vacationing at your waterfront South Maui condo.

To Bring:

  • A few lightweight everyday outfits for those rare times when you are not covered in sand and seawater.
  • Comfortable pair of sneakers – Great for wearing to and from the airport, sneakers will come in handy while shopping, golfing, playing tennis, hiking, and during many other activities on our lovely island.
  • Lightweight jacket and/or sweater – Believe it or not, some parts of Maui can be nippy at times, particularly if you decided to visit Haleakala Crater. Be prepared for those rare instances with a lightweight jacket or sweater.
  • Camera – While your phone will do in most instances, if you fancy a bit of photography, there is no better place to capture nature’s beauty than on Maui. So if you have something a bit higher end for snapshots and/or video, consider bringing some gear with you to capture Maui in all its glory.

To Buy (after your plane lands)

  • Hats, Sunglasses, Sunscreen – As Maui is filled with sunshine most of the year, you will have lots of options to choose from when looking to cover up and protect yourself from the sun’s rays. Plus, with current restrictions, you would not be able to bring much sunscreen onto your flight either.
  • Sandals – Known as “slippahs” here, a pair of sandals is the perfect Hawaiian footwear on and off the beach. Cheap examples are plentiful at just about any drug store, market, or big box chain here; with some pairs going for as little as two dollars.
  • Food – Sure, you might be dining out during most of your stay, but a quick trip to Costco or one of the local markets for water, juice, snacks, and picnic supplies is always a good idea.
  • Swimwear- As with sandals, swimwear is (for obvious reasons) available at many retailers throughout the island, giving you a great range of options in styles to choose from.

Just a few tips to help make your next Maui vacation an enjoyable one. If you would like even more tips, contact the experts at today on Facebook or Google+. Mahalo!