Only 10-20 minutes away from your South Maui Vacation Rental lies Maui’s largest beach on the South coast. Enjoy a day in the sun at Makena State Park, home of Oneloa beach. The Hawaiian name, Oneloa, means “long sand,” which is the reasoning behind this beach’s more commonly known name: Big Beach.

Big Beach’s golden sand stretches down to a rocky hill 360 feet tall, named Puu Olai (earthquake hill). This rocky hill was formed back in 1790, by an earthquake during Haleakala’s last lava flow. Puu Olai divides Big Beach from Little Beach, a smaller beach which can only be reached by climbing over the hill.

What better thing is there to do on Maui than to spend a day on one of Maui’s biggest beaches? Stretching 1.5 miles long and 100 feet wide, Big Beach brings you the clearest waters, with perfect views of Molokini and Kahoolawe. You can do anything here! You’ll see local kids bodysurfing, skim boarding, or just having picnics on the beach with a few friends. Waves can get pretty big here, perfect for bodysurfers and surfers, but can be dangerous for those who want to just take a dip into the ocean. Lifeguards are stationed along the shore, but please take all warnings seriously. Remember: “If in doubt, don’t go out.” By the way, don’t worry if you get hungry! A few food trucks are usually parked in one of the three parking lots.

Although Big Beach is very popular on Maui, the beach is never too crowded, even when the parking lots are full! So take a short drive down to Makena State Park for the day; you definitely won’t get bored there! You can also take a tour with Maui Kayak Adventures to explore the ocean beyond the waves. The name itself tells everyone to come to the south shore to have a wonderful time in the sun!