When you visit Maui, by all means take time to lounge around the pool at your South Maui Vacation Rental, but don’t forget to get out and see the island. Maui is about more than just rest and relaxation. It’s about adventure, excitement, and doing what you cannot do anywhere else. Last time we talked about seeing Maui by air. This time…

Maui by Land


There is a magical journey you can take when you come to Maui. It’s the road to Hana. This journey is only a bit over 50 miles, but in that 50 miles there are over 600 curves and over 50 one-lane bridges. There are lush valleys, waterfalls, and sheer cliffs. There are hikes, small road-side fruit stands, and more picture stops that you can fit into a single day.

But how to take this journey, by driving yourself, or on a tour? If you’re on Maui long enough, the answer is — both! There is no way to do all there is to do along the Hana road in only a day. And if you know nothing about the area you will not know where you really want to spend your time.

So, take a tour! First, you will get to keep your eyes on the scenery and not the road. Also, you will learn about the human history and natural history of the area. You will get a great overview of the area, be able to scope out the spots you might like to spend more time, and you get to see what the road is all about without driving.

Then, pick your day and drive yourself. You’ll know what to bring, where to stop, and what you are seeing. And you’ll be able to take your time where you want. (You could easily spend the whole day just at the Kipahulu National Park…)

In our opinion, if you miss the road to Hana, you’ve missed a big part of what Maui is all about. And if you don’t have time to give two days to the journey, we’d recommend taking a tour. You will see and learn more, and no one will have to drive.


Haleakala isn’t just a view of the crater at the top, or even just seeing the sunrise. It too is a journey. From lava fields to pastures to small town Maui, this trip will show the diversity of the Island landscape in one day. And while you can take a regular bus tour, there is an option that provides a bit more… adrenaline!

You can take a tour up Haleakala in a van, but then you ride a bike down. That’s right, you coast down the side of a dormant volcano. You can do this as a group, with a group leader keeping the ride on track, and the van following you down to keep you safe. Or, you can take a structured independent tour, with support, but be on your own for most of the ride.

There isn’t a more adventurous way to experience the road to the summit of Haleakala… Unless, of course, you want to ride up! There is an annual bike race up the road — 10,000 feet in 36 miles. You’ve missed this year’s, but if you start training now, maybe you can make next year!

Haleakala bike ride

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