What’s the first thing you want to do when you’re planning your next trip to Maui? Snorkeling, of course! And here at Rentals Maui, we have all you need to plan your next snorkeling adventure via our in-house concierge service.

Not sure where to start? Don’t worry; we have you covered! Check out Lanai and their famous resident dolphins during a special four-hour tour, or sail to Molokini for a day in the ocean with some of the most beautiful and unique marine life you’ve ever seen. Thinking about staying in South Maui? We have snorkeling tips for there, too. Our extensive list will provide you with discounted snorkel trips and a wide range of packages to choose from.

Some of our favorite snorkel spots include:

  1. The Molokini and Turtle Arches Snorkel
    For a little more than $80 per person, you can snorkel this amazing volcanic crater and explore the underwater lava formations at Turtle Arches. The tour guides will help fill you in on the amazing marine and wildlife below the surface and you’ll also get the chance to enjoy breakfast and lunch on the boat! There will also be a free Jr. naturalist program for kids on board, which makes this perfect for families!
  2. Blue Water Rafting – Molokini Express
    Do you have a need for speed? If so, then an express trip to the renowned Molokini crater with a snorkel tour is just what you need. For around $60 a person you can get up close and personal with some epic marine life. Book today!
  3. Lanai Dolphin Snorkel Raft
    For less than $100 per person, you and your crew can book a special Lanai Dolphin Snorkel Raft adventure. This package will give you the chance to snorkel multiple locations all around the island of Lanai. You’ll have a chance to get up close and personal with some spinner dolphins and, if you’re lucky, get to see a baby dolphin which may be the cutest animal on Earth! These sights are typically uncrowded as Lanai is the less-inhabited island.

We hope these tips help you when you’re looking to book your next snorkel excursion. If you’re interested in receiving a discount, then make sure to book through our online concierge program.

Also, if you’re looking to book a rental for the duration of your vacation to Maui, then Rentals Maui can help you in no time. We have a wide-range of beautiful and homey rentals that will come with everything you need to make your island stay comfortable and cozy. Not quite sure where to go or what to do? Then take some time to look at our contact page and reach out today.