Are you trying to figure when the best time to travel to the Hawaiian islands would be? Well, don’t fret because we’re happy to fill you in on a little secret. While websites all over promise you every month is the best month to visit Hawaii, the truth is some times and seasons are better than others depending on what kind of Hawaii vacation adventures you’re looking for. Here are a few top tips to help you find the best time to visit Hawaii and the best island, the Valley Isle of Maui.

It is true that there’s really no BAD time to visit the Maui, but depending on your preference, some seasons and island areas are better than others.

Best Hawaii Resorts

The island of Maui features some of the best hotel resorts and condos to choose for your Hawaii vacation. If you are looking for sun, stunning white sand beaches and crystal clear waters, then either Maui’s West side or sunny South Maui are the top choices. We are partial to the south side for accommodations including luxury resorts in Wailea, the vibrant and bustling location of South Kihei vacation rentals, as well as the affordable lodging in North Kihei and Maalaea condos for rent. All with their own various amenities, luxuries, and conveniences. Please contact us if you need help finding the perfect hotel resort for your Maui vacation!

Less Crowded Time to Visit Hawaii

If you’re looking to book a flight to Maui when the island is less crowded and more relaxed, then the summertime might be the best bet. Summer is HOT on the island so often the crowds disperse May and onward. But if suffering in the unforgiving island heat isn’t exactly your cup of tea, then consider booking during spring from April until May. The weather is relatively pleasant and there’s still not a whole lot of crowds lingering around.

Best Whale Watching Season

If beating the crowds isn’t the #1 mission for you and your family, then winter is a great time to visit the island. Not only do you escape the cold weather of the mainland, but you’ll get to see the majestic Humpback Whales! Starting in December and lasting until May, these beautiful natural wonders visit the island to mate and give birth. And you don’t even have to be on the water to see them. Often you can see the whales jumping and playing in the ocean from the comfort of your beach chair.

So make your list of musts for your Maui vacation and plan accordingly. For cheap rates and space, book during the months April to May and from September to November. For taking in the beauty and cooler weather, book during the winter months. We hope that helps you in planning your next Hawaii vacation adventure. Aloha!