Still planning that dream Hawaiian vacation? Now that you have (hopefully) booked your flights, reserved a car, and, most importantly, picked your beautiful vacation rental in South Maui, it’s time to plan your trip before your trip: that ever so enjoyable journey to the airport! With security concerns and restrictions always on the rise, here are a few basic tips to help you avoid any unpleasantries before you reach your favorite vacation spot!

7. Arrive ASAP

While you surely have a lot running through your mind as you finish your pre-vacation checklist, make sure one of those “must do” items is to get to the airport earlier than what your airline or ticket agent recommends. Why? Long and slow lines at security checkpoints, difficulty finding parking in the airport lot, and the possibility of being bumped from an oversold flight if you arrive too late to the gate, to name just a few scenarios.

8. Watch out for the BUMP

Continuing on the subject of getting bumped, besides arriving early, other good ideas to lessen your likelihood of being bumped from an oversold flight:

– Check in On-line: Many times you will be able to check in on-line within 24 hours of your flights schedules departure. Do so to confirm your intention to fly when scheduled.

– Secure an assigned seat: This typically may be done when purchasing your ticket, or when confirming your flight 24 hours prior. This is an important move to make as passengers who have been assigned seats are usually the last ones to be booted from an oversold flight, unless they arrive late (see tip #7!) If, for some reason you are unable to secure an assigned seat during purchase or during your on-line check in, ask an agent at the airport for a seat assignment: occasionally airlines will reserve a portion of their assigned seating for those checking in at the airport in person.

9. Apply lightly

Current security regulations restrict the amount of liquids and gels which you may have in your carry on to 3.4 ounce (100ml) bottles stored in a single quart sized, clear, plastic, zip top bag; with special exceptions made only for “reasonable” amounts of baby food and formula, breast milk, and medications. To avoid any additional hold ups at security checkpoints, consider packing these types of items in your check in baggage, or simply buying them form the local Kmart/Walmart/Walgreens etc. when you land on Maui.

That all the tips we have for this edition;; if you have some of your own which you would like to suggest, feel free to do so in the comments below, or on our Maui Vacation Rentals Facebook Timeline. Mahalo!