From providing the top South Maui 2 bedroom and 3 bedroom condos for rent to suggesting the best things to do in Maui, we aim to be a top resource when it comes to your Hawaii vacation getaway! And with so many exciting Maui activities for you to enjoy, it can be overwhelming figuring out a travel itinerary that helps you make the most out of your stay. If you are looking for creative ideas on how to spend your tropical Hawaii holiday, we invite you to add fishing to your agenda!

What is a common pastime here in paradise, especially on a clear sunny day, once was a major part of the Hawaiian culture. In Old Hawaii, Hawaiians used many different methods that could be useful even in today’s day and age! Planning your fishing trip around the moon phase calendar, for instance, can be beneficial depending on the type of fish you are ultimately trying to catch.

Different Types of Hawaiian Fishing Methods

While the moon phase calendar is a handy thing to understand, it doesn’t mean that you can’t go fishing any other day of the week. If you are hoping to catch a specific type of Pacific fish like mahimahi or ono, the type of fishing method you choose is almost just as important as the timing. Some of the many methods that Hawaiians would use are spearfishing, trolling, hand gathering and netting.

  • Spearfishing is one of the more ancient forms of fishing. This unique method of fishing can be tough to master but it can be worthwhile.
  • Trolling is sometimes the best way to fish because you have multiple moving lines at once but you aren’t fishing from shore.
  • Hand gathering is another unique form of fishing in that you explore the rocky shoreline in search of opihi and wai wai, two different types of sea urchins.
  • Netting is a very easy way to fish but you have to have patience as it takes time for the fishing to find their way into the net.

Top Fishing Charters & Guide Services

That being said, if you are interested in a more traditional style of fishing, you can always try one of the fishing boats out of the South Maui’s  Maalaea Harbor or you could venture out to West Maui for tours leaving  Lahaina Harbor.

Some of the top Maui fishing charters include:

And if you are just hoping to kick back with a refreshing drink while potentially catching some fresh fish for dinner, you could always take advantage of the white sandy beaches and add some casual shore fishing to your Maui agenda! The possibilities for a memorable Hawaii holiday are almost endless and fishing is just one of the many things to do in paradise.

Hoping to take a tropical paradise and not sure where to start? Contact us today and we can help you get your island retreat started!