In today’s technological world, we have access to so much information right at the tips of our fingers. How nice is it to know that you can visually explore the world around you without having to even leave the comfort of your desk chair. Well, we are happy to announce that we have jumped on board with the digital progression and have added a live Hawaii webcam to our services that help showcase what your vacation stay in Maui would look like.

This special feature allows you to get a feel for the warm Hawaii weather and surf conditions not far from a very popular Maui condo and home away from home, Hale Ili Ili. This South Kihei vacation rental overlooks one of the island’s most popular beaches. From the paddle boarding paradise at the Kihei Cove to the local favorite Charley Young Beach, you are sure to find a stretch of white sand to enjoy the Hawaiian sunshine. You might even squeeze in some snorkeling along with other ocean water sports.

As you can see via the webcam, this area is calm and peaceful making for a great day with the family or with children. Fellow vacationers often flock to South Maui as it is centrally located and has plenty of island activities to enjoy. You may want to go for a run, take a refreshing dip in the property pool or just take a stroll alongside the shoreline. Whatever it may be, you can do it here and check the conditions before you head out by using our webcam!

Another positive aspect of this service is that even when you’re back on the mainland dreaming about Hawaii you don’t have to get lost in your daydream and instead can just pull up this beautiful webcam and see what you’re missing. So don’t get lost in your head, get back in touch with reality and keep up to date with all the goodness this island has to offer by checking back in using our webcam. Who knows, you might even capture a glimpse of a whale from time to time!

We hope you enjoyed learning about this special feature. If you’re planning on a vacation to Maui in the next couple of months and would like to learn more about what’s available to rent in South Maui, then let us help you! Contact us today and we can get you set up in no time. We also have a wide range of helpful features right here on our website that can assist you with your search. Take a look at our Hawaii vacation rentals and let us know what you think. Have a great week guys!