Are you ready for one of Maui’s most stunning hikes? On your trip to paradise, book a stay at a Maui Vacation Rental and make your way around Haleakala to the East side of Maui. Waiting for you just at the end of Hana highway, is the Pipiwai trail, 12 miles away from Hana town. The Pipiwai trail will give you a chance to walk through a verdant rainforest leading up to one of Maui’s most impressive waterfalls – Waikomu falls. Find the visitors center, where parking is available for $10 per vehicle. Be sure to ask a worker if the trail is safe to hike. If so, get ready for a 4 mile hike that will surely be a favorite memory from your vacation to Hawaii. You won’t be worried about the distance at all with the amazing sights and views along the trail.

Pipiwai trail offers multiple points of interest. Near the start of the hike, you’ll come across Makahiku falls. Here sparkling waters cascade down a 200 foot cliff. After enjoying the view of the waterfall, make a quick stop at the trail’s enormous banyan tree. As you make your way upward, you will cross a number of bridges, into an endless forest of bamboo. A wooden boardwalk will take you to the end of the trail, featuring a waterfall off of a 400 foot cliff, called Waikomu falls. Take in the sights of the magnificent water, plunging into a stream, surrounded by bunches of ti leaves and mossy trees.

To be ready for this adventure, you’ll definitely need to pack a bag, as it’s a 2-3 hour walk through one of Mother Nature’s most awe inspiring masterpieces. Pack a bottle of sunscreen, water, and a few snacks for the trip. Wear comfortable clothing and walking shoes to ensure that you’re hike is enjoyable.  Don’t be afraid to get out of your Maui Vacation Rental and take a trip East for a chance to go deep into one of Maui’s most enchanted valleys!