When staying at your waterfront Wailea condo rental, gaze out from your lanai and you’ll see what looks to be a small island just off the Makena coast. In fact, this speck in the sea is no island, but a partially submerged volcanic crater known as Molokini.

Created more than 230,000 years ago, this 23 acre crater was once a coveted ancient Hawaiian fishing spot, a WWII training area and, more recently, a Marine Life Conservation District and Hawaii State Seabird Sanctuary. As a protected wildlife area, the shallow waters within the Molokini Crater are filled with beautiful coral and marine species, making Molokini one of the best places to experience a unique piece of Hawaii’s natural beauty firsthand. Despite being a conservation zone, snorkel, scuba, and snuba diving are permitted, making enjoying this experience as simple as booking a day with one of the many Molokini tour operators on Maui.

If you’re considering booking a tour of Molokini, consider these tips before setting sail from your waterfront Maui vacation rental:

– Pack lots of sunscreen: An excursion to Molokini is an all day affair, which means lots of exposure to the warm Hawaiian sun. Pack the most powerful sunscreen available to lessen your chance of being sun burnt upon your return.

– Be ready for the boat ride: While most experience smooth sailing while headed out to Molokini, there may be occasional bumps along the way. If you are easily seasick, notify the boat staff so that they may accommodate you in the event a rough patch does occur.

– Take the morning tour: Early morning is the best time to head out to Molokini, as conditions are best during the early part of the day. Grab the earliest available boat to maximize your enjoyment.

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