Just checked into your Maui vacation rental and wondering what activities you should try first? While there are enough to keep you busy for days, one of the most fun filled activities to take part in while enjoying your Maui vacation has to be snorkeling on Maui. A fantastic way to experience the amazing view from under the sea, a Maui snorkel tour is great fun for couples and entire families alike! If you are new to this fabulous fun activity, here a few tips to keep in mind on your first dive:

  • Less sand, more structure
    Marine life thrive in places where there is shelter and food; namely coral, lava rock, and manmade reefs. For the best viewing experience, look for these structures and you’ll be rewarded with a treasure trove of undersea creatures to admire.
  • But keep your distance!
    While you definitely want to explore coral outcroppings, reefs, and other underwater structures, be sure not to disturb the fish, crustaceans, and other organisms that live in and around these areas. Always approach slowly, and do not touch any coral or other bits of undersea living space. As tough as coral outcropping may look, in reality they are living, breathing, and very fragile.
  • Gels and Creams!
    Two important items to have on hand: Anti Fog Gel and Waterproof Sunscreen! The former you will want to apply to your mask to keep your undersea view sharp and unobstructed. The latter you should apply prior to leaving your South Maui vacation rental to keep yourself from looking (and feeling) like a cooked lobster after your trip is over!
  • Water!
    Lots of bottled water is a “must have” on any snorkel trip. As with any summertime activity, you want to be sure to stay fully hydrated throughout your trip to avoid dangerous dehydration.

Keep these tips in mind to make your next Maui snorkeling trip a fun one!