It’s early in the morning, the sun hasn’t even woken from its slumber and you are bundled in your rental car heading up the winding road of State Highway 378. Following the line of cars, you score a parking spot and the family rolls out to the rocky crater edge of Haleakala National Park. The chilled air creates a misty cloud as it meets your breath on exhale and you tuck your hands deeper into your jean pockets. Right before you start to question if this mini trip was even worth it, you glimpse a line of light peeking on the horizon. As the minutes pass by, pastel shades of purple and pink gradually change to vibrant hues of yellow and orange. And before you know it, the golden circle of the Hawaiian sun starts to make its way across the sky. That friends, is just one of the many Maui sights to see.

So, you are finally planning that trip to Hawaii that you have been dreaming about? Now, we already established that sunrise atop Haleakala should be on your itinerary but there is a number of stunning views throughout the island. Whether you have already reserved lodging in Maui or you just started outlining your vacation, we have a few sights for you to keep in mind.

1. Iao Valley
Rich in culture and history, Iao Valley State Park is a destination worth the short the trip. Stop by on your way from the Kahului Airport, before checking in to your South Maui vacation rental, and escape briefly to one of our Maui rainforests. Nestled into the gentle green slopes of the West Maui Mountains, the iconic scenery features a tropical wonderland befit an island as beautiful as Maui.

2. Road to Hana
Opposite of Iao Valley, the road to Hana showcases even more lush displays of the Hawaiian rainforest. While not just one set location, there are a several gems tucked away on this scenic drive. Featuring 620 curves and 59 bridges, this drive alone will have your memory card full of the blues and greens of the ocean as well as the tropical foliage that lines this winding road.

3. Wind Mills
For the hikers out there, we got the view for you! Popularly known as “wind mills”, Lahaina Pali Trail is an incline that takes you up the ridges of the West Maui Mountains to a incredible panoramic view of the island and surrounding waters. Located near Maalaea, it is important to bring plenty of water as it is a little bit of a trek and there is very little escape from the sun.

4. Whale watching – Perfect from your rental.
As you sip a refreshing drink on the balcony of your Maui oceanfront condos for rent, you might just catch a glimpse of Hawaii’s annual visitors, the humpback whales. These gentle giants make their way from the north to play in the warm Hawaiian waters during the months of November to May. While there are several boat tours that offer an up close and personal encounter with these majestic marine animals, our favorite whale watching spot is from the comfort of Rentals Maui’s homes away from home.

Edited your itinerary yet? With the immense amount of Maui adventures for you to discover, we wanted to leave some sights for you to chance upon! If you are excited but feeling a little unprepared your Maui vacation, we do have some other Hawaii travel tips to guide you.

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