Have you and your family booked your next vacation to Maui? If not, now is the time so that you can come and enjoy the island’s acclaimed whale season before it ends for another year.

There is no question that one of the Valley Isle’s many appeals is its epic whale season. These gentle giants visit the island every winter to mate and give birth in the warm tropical waters just off the coast of Maui’s south and west shores. And regardless of how many times you’ve seen a North Pacific Humpback Whale, it’s always a jaw-dropping experience. Each year, the whales travel from their feeding grounds in Alaska to our little island home. Peak whale season starts in January and by the end of February, you’ll be cutting it close to capture your next glimpse of the kohola (whales).

In Hawaiian history, Kohola has been visiting the islands for quite some time. It is said that archeologists have found Hawaiian petroglyphs that represent the whales all throughout the island chain. Some are even found right here on Maui’s west side near Olowalu.

These incredible animals are also the fifth largest whale species in the world, and can grow up to 60 feet in length! Another interesting fact about whales is that they were close to extinction in the 1960’s. During this time, the Humpback Whale population was at just a little over 1,000. Thanks to local and federal restrictions, the whales were put on the endangered species list and their population has grown to more than 20,000! They truly are known as one of the greatest conservation stories ever told.

Now that you have an understanding and appreciation of these creatures, it’s time to find a way to see them firsthand. You might think about booking a whale watch cruise with the Pacific Whale Foundation, the Four Winds, or any other boat tour company located at the Maalaea Harbor or in Lahaina. But if getting on a boat doesn’t appeal to you, no worries! You can see them from the comfort of your next South Maui vacation rental.

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