Monkeypod Kitchen is a restaurant chain owned by Peter Merriman and Bill Terry. They now have three branches all over Hawaii, two in Maui and one in Oahu. Their branch in Wailea is one of the most popular restaurants in South Maui, and it’s easy to see why.

Located in the Wailea Gateway Center, the Monkeypod Kitchen has a cool and funky vibe. Surfboards can be seen hanging from the ceiling and a live local band serenades an eclectic crowd of customers daily. The interior feature a typical Hawaiian décor that spills out into an outdoor patio overlooking gorgeous ocean views. Aside from its beautiful ambiance, customers are drawn to the restaurant for its mouthwatering dishes that consist of Hawaiian classics and some International fares.

Delicious Food and Drinks

Monkeypod Kitchen is committed to serving the best quality food and drinks to its customers, from the locals to holidaymakers staying at the nearby resorts and vacation rentals. As a bar and restaurant combo, Monkeypod has an interesting menu of delicious food and drinks. They are proud to support local and organic farming, ranching, and fishing, which is apparent in their menu.

If you are staying in the Wailea area and you find yourself craving delicious Hawaiian classics such as Kalua pork and grilled ahi, then the Monkeypod Kitchen is the best place to be. The Calabash slider trio, poke tacos, and roasted chicken wings are also among their most popular dishes. Of course, their organic salads, luscious burgers, and divine pizzas are worth a try. But perhaps, the highlight is the Bourgeois pizza topped with lobster, wild mushrooms, and garlic white sauce.

The Monkeypod Kitchen has an extensive list of culinary cocktails, wine, and craft beer, which is not surprising since their top-notch bar occupies the entire length of the restaurant. Its menu features 12 craft cocktails, the same ones you would expect to find in some fancy bars in New York or Los Angeles. They have 36 craft beers on tap, aside from the limited-release and seasonal beers. One of the most popular drinks on the menu is the signature Mai Tai, which is made with homemade macadamia-nut orgeat, organic rum, and orange Curaçao. It is then topped with honey-lilikoi foam.

Locally Sourced Ingredients

The Monkeypod Kitchen is among the “farm to table” types of restaurants in Maui that use locally sourced ingredients to pay homage to Hawaii’s native offerings while also advancing the island’s growing culinary scene. Operated by an award-winning chef, Peter Merriman, the founding idea behind this restaurant is his commitment to craft. Whether it is sourcing local ingredients and offering locally produced wine and beer, Chef Merriman crafts his menu based on the craftsman that Hawaii is known for.

The aim of Chef Merriman is to ensure that customers are not only aware of where the food is coming from but to also let them know that these foods were made using ingredients sourced from our island paradise. This approach is truly admirable as it highlights the benefits of sustainability.

Excellent Service

As one of the best restaurants in South Maui, the Monkeypod Kitchen is not only famous for its delicious foods and drinks. They are also loved by customers for their outstanding service. The moment you arrive, you will be welcomed with a warm smile by the waiters and staff. Depending on the food that you ordered, you may have to wait for a few minutes for them to prepare it. But this is to ensure that the foods are served fresh and of great quality.

Both locals and tourists are happy with the service that they are getting from the Monkeypod Kitchen. In one review, a customer pointed out that the staff is willing to grant the special requests of their guests. The waiters are proactive enough to offer suggestions about which drinks to go with the foods they ordered. The chef will sometimes engage in a little conversation, which makes diners feel at home.

Great Ambience

The Monkeypod Kitchen in Wailea is a relaxing place to eat out, whether for lunch or dinner. Like most of the luxury resorts in Wailea, the restaurant faces a stunning view of the ocean. You can stay on the patio if you prefer to dine outdoors. But even if you are staying indoors, you will still be treated to the gorgeous views since it has huge windows that open to the ocean. The restaurant feels very open and airy, which is exactly what you want for a relaxing dining experience in Maui.

The décor inside the restaurant is very clean and modern with a beachy theme. Huge hanging lights and surfboards adorn the ceiling, and the seating area is spacious and comfortable enough. You can really feel the cool island vibe while dining at this South Maui restaurant.

There’s live band music playing every day at the Monkeypod Kitchen. If you want to know who is playing and at what time the band will start, you can refer to their website. So far, guests are delighted with the quality of the music being played. According to them, the local musicians were very good and their music is fun and relaxing to listen to.

Convenient Location

The Monkeypod Kitchen is located within the Wailea Gateway Center. This shopping destination is located at the intersection of Wailea Ike Drive and Piilani Highway and is easily accessible to most of the luxury vacation resorts in South Maui. For instance, if you are staying in Palms at Wailea, the Wailea Gateway Center is only five minutes drive away.

Aside from the Monkeypod Kitchen, there are several other dining options inside the Wailea Gateway Center. The Monkeypod Kitchen is open every day from 12 PM to 9 PM. Their Happy Hour is from 3:30 PM to 5 PM. It is highly recommended to call in advance to reserve a table. For more information about the restaurant, refer to their website,