When was the last time you had the opportunity to soak up the sun, enjoy the salty sea breeze, and the splash of the ocean water? Has it been a while? Well, you might want to take some time to enjoy the beauty of the ocean and spend an unforgettable tropical vacation getaway in Maui. Once on the island, get ready to feast your eyes on its natural beauty, bask in the warm welcome of the locals and choose from the best ocean activities that you can add to your travel itinerary as you enjoy your stay in Maui, Hawaii.


Maui is one of the top destinations in the world when it comes to surfing. In fact, two areas in Maui are included in the 50 best surfing spots in the world. According to CNN, the surf breaks in Pe’ahi and Honolua Bay are iconic. Many surfers flock to the island, especially during the winter season when the surfs can reach up to 27 meters. These surfing spots are among the few reasons why many professional surfers go on a surfing safari while in Maui.


Any of the shores around Maui can provide you with a beautiful underwater view as you snorkel but especially the southern shoreline. If you enjoy snorkeling and want to swim among the many underwater creatures of the island, then you should check out Molokini Crater. There you will find schools of tropical fish and a large variety of marine life that will make your snorkeling an unforgettable experience.

Scuba Diving

Whether you are a beginner or a professional scuba diver, you should definitely add this activity to your itinerary. Scuba diving in Maui is a must as the island has various diving locations available, with many diving companies offering professional support to those who would like to be scuba certified. This way you’ll have the amazing opportunity of experiencing the wonderful marine life of Maui.

Whale Watching

If you have always wanted to see with your own eyes the beauty and majesty of whales, then Maui is the perfect destination for it. Get up close and personal with the humpback whales visiting the waters of Maui for their migration. One of the best ways for you to enjoy whale watching is by riding on a boat and be able to experience the feeling of seeing them playfully leap out of the waters and create a huge splash as they land. And if you rather enjoy the frolicking whales from the comfort of your private lanai, the best Maui oceanfront resorts can make that a reality!

Submarine Tour

An underwater tour that is great for the whole family? Then you should check out the Atlantis submarine tour in Maui. More than just witnessing marine life underwater, these submarine tours can also be the best way for you and your family to check out the Carthaginian II shipwreck underwater, which has now become a haven for various tropical fish.


Considering how rich and vast marine life is in Maui, it has also become a top destination for many fishing enthusiasts from all over the world. There are many fishing charters on the island year-round and you can catch marlins that can weigh over 1000 pounds. You can catch seasonal fish, depending on the month you decide to go charter fishing. You might snag in blue or striped marlin, mahi, or ono.


Want a more personalized sailing experience when in Maui? Why not check out one of the many sailing charters available near Maalaea vacation rentals? This is also a great option if you are thinking about checking out some of the best fishing and snorkeling spots around the island. It’s also an ideal ocean activity for families. You can bring your own food, or choose a charter that offers free meals and beverages, along with your choice of ocean activities.


Looking for some adrenaline rush with a splash of saltwater? Go kitesurfing! This fun ocean activity is already an adventure on its own and is the perfect thing to add to your itinerary if you want to make an unforgettable experience while in Maui. Maui has various kitesurfing instructors available to help you become more familiar with this extreme activity, helping you make sure that you know the fundamentals on how to kitesurf safely and have fun.

No matter what type of activity you wish to try to make the most of your Maui adventures, you will surely create some unforgettable memories once you book one of the best places to stay in South Maui.