Just off the beaten path towards the Upcountry towns of Pukulani, Makawao, and Kula, lies the small hillside town of Haliimaili. Tucked away between surrounding sugar cane and pineapple fields, Haliimaili was founded generations ago by early migrants whom came to Hawaii to work the many fields of the once booming pineapple plantation industry of Maui. Central to this town of field workers was the trade and commerce hub of the area: the Haliimaili General Store. A one stop shop for all resident needs, at the time the Store offered up everything from general groceries, to a fish market, butcher shop, clothing and household wares, and even a post office! As the years went by and the plantation industry became less ingrained in the lives of residents in the area, the Store continued to operate all the way until the late 1980’s.

Sometime around 1987, as the Upcountry population (including those still living in the Haliimaili area) began to shift their dollars towards new, burgeoning marketplaces in Pukulani and Makawao, the decision was made to shutter the old Haliimaili General Store and put the building it inhabited for all those years up on the rental market for any interested parties. This presented the perfect opportunity for a young entrepreneur by the name of Bev Gannon, who had been looking to expand her catering business. Now for those wondering why the name sounds familiar, it is most likely because Bev Gannon is now Chef Bev Gannon, hallmark of the Bev Gannon Restaurants family, which includes a number of fine dining establishments nearby our best Wailea condo rentals and at other locations throughout the island.

Originally slated to become a gourmet deli and catering headquarters, thanks to an influx of customers the Haliimaili General Store quickly became Bev’s flagship restaurant on the island of Maui. Twenty five years on, the Hailiimaili General Store is the place to experience fine dining with a dose of local charm on the Haleakala hillside. Open for lunch, dinner, and dessert, here you will find a wonderful mix of local tastes and traditions fused with complimentary delicacies from around the world. Where else could you find such wonderful dishes as the Kalua Pork Enchilada Pie, Dynamite Baked tofu, or one of Bev’s Famous Crab Pizza? These are just a small sampling of the wonderful tastes and treats available at the Haliimaili General Store.

One of, if not THE reason to take a trip to Haliimaili from your waterfront Maui vacation rental, if you are in the mood for fine dining in an incredibly pleasant atmosphere, the Haliimaili General store will not leave you disappointed.