In the mood for a mildly challenging, yet breathtaking hike through the peaks and valleys of Maui’s beautiful rainforest? Then head on over to the Pipiwai trail on Maui’s North East shore.

Located at the end of Hana highway in Kipahulu, the Pipiwai Trail begins with a trip to the visitors center here. for the first few minutes into your hike you will be following parallel to the road which brought you here, before heading uphill towards Makahiku Falls. Located up trail, Makahiku falls is a brilliant set of waterfalls plunging 180 feet from its top most point: a sight most will enjoy from the standard Pipiwai Trail, but which careful, experienced hikers may also venture off the beaten path for a bit of closer exploration. Anyone wish to see these falls up close however must be extremely careful in doing so as there are many steep drops and other hazards which could lead to serious injury or worse for those who fail to tread carefully.

After admiring the Makahiku falls you will continue your journey upstream, providing multiple chances to enjoy gigantic banyan trees, smaller waterfalls dotting the landscape, and an over the water view form a number of bridges on your way. Continuing on you will soon find yourself in what can only be described as a truly amazing forest of Bamboo. continue along the boardwalk and admire the many bamboo trees rising upward; so many in fact that the density of these fantastic trees tends to block out much of the sky along your path.

As you exit the Bamboo forest you will find one more stream crossing before reaching the end of our four mile journey: the magnificent Waimoku Falls. Rising four hundred feet into the air, the base of the Waimoku falls offer breathtaking view of this ever so majestic Hawaiian waterfall. Take a moment to take it all in, before heading back down to experience the amazing beauty of the Pipiwai trail from a different angle.

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