If you have been following the news for the past few months, on more than one occasion you had probably noticed a fair amount of excitement surrounding NASA’s recent journey to the Red Planet, aka Mars. For those of us watching in awe as the Curiosity Rover makes its way across the barren landscape towards Mount Sharp, wishing we could explore the planet alongside it, there is a similar opportunity available right here on Maui in Haleakala Crater!

Rising just over 10,000 feet above sea level, Mt. Haleakala is one of the “must visit” places while on vacation on Maui. Literally translated as the House of the Sun, Haleakala’s biggest claim to fame is that it is home to Hawaii’s most spectacular sunrise.

While the journey up the mountain requires that you start your journey in the very early pre-dawn hours, once you arrive at the summit you will be treated to a scene of unmatched beauty as the sun makes its way into the morning sky. As darkness becomes light, you will begin to notice at first, the faint mountainous outcroppings within Haleakala’s deeply cratered top. Look closer, as the sun fully illuminates the sky, you will find a landscape which could pass as a spitting image of that of Mars.

Beautiful cinder cones of red, orange, and brown sands cover a desolate mountainous Martian landscape set within this crater high above the clouds. A sight which must be seen to be believed. If simply taking in the enormity of this unique landscape from the summit is not enough for you, you can sign up for a tour, take a hike in, and even stay overnight in a crater cabin for the ultimate Mars-like experience.

Due to its high level in the atmosphere, the air will be a lot thinner and less warm than your waterfront Wailea condo rental. Temperatures can become so cold that in fact, Haleakala occasionally experiences winter periods where snowfall covers the summit area. Remember to pack a warm set of clothing if you plan to visit this side of Maui.

This is definitely one of Maui’s most uniquely beautiful natural treasures, a visit to Haleakala Crater should be on every Maui vacationers’ To Do list. For more information on the best times and options for visiting Haleakala Crater, contact Rentals Maui direct or via Facebook today. Mahalo!