While taking you family on vacation to Hawaii usually means taking time to enjoy the nearly infinite surf and sand outside of your waterfront vacation rental in Wailea or Kihei, sometimes you will find it even more fun to enjoy your Maui condo rentals pool area, particularly when you have children in tow. With this in mind, here are a few tips to remember while enjoying your family pool day in Hawaii:

Safety First
The best pool areas are ones which are well prepared for any accidents which may occur. Before letting your kids jump in the water, make note of whether or not the pool is staffed, preferably with a lifeguard on duty, and where they are located in case of an emergency. If there is no one on staff available, make note of any nearby first aid stations, and designate another (or all other) adult(s) within your arty to keep an extra watchful eye on your young ones when they are enjoying the pool.

Stay Put
If your pool has staff or a lifeguard on duty, but you are the only designated adult watching the children, don’t leave the area without first having the kids come out of the pool. While staff/lifeguards are there to keep everyone safe, they usually have a lot of other people to keep an eye on as well; and nobody knows your children quite as well as you.

It should go without saying, but on the always sunny island of Maui, a spot of sunscreen is necessary to keep you and your family from becoming a scorched shade of pink while enjoying the day out. Always have your family wear their sunscreen, and try to get the highest SPF protection available to be extra safe.

Keep calm, swim on
Before embarking on your pool journey, take your family on a brief walk around of the pool so you can get an idea of just how deep the pool is in different spots. Once that’s done, lay out some ground rules for your kids defining just how far in they are allowed to swim. And while you’re setting rules, make sure to remind your kids (and your adults!) not to run outside of the pool, for obvious reasons.

Hot tubs, baby pools
Just because a pool area is small, does not mean it is any safer that the standard pool for your children. Be sure to make them aware of this fact, and keep an eye on them just as you would if they were swimming in the “big kids” pool next door.

Know when to say “Let’s Go”
You know your children’s limits better than they do: So know when to tell them it’s time to take a break, rest up, and prepare for another great pool day tomorrow!

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