Hawaii vacation season is in full swing, and we hope you’ve been checking in with us here about some of the killer deals we have going on for Maui vacation rental deals on the island. You might also want to spend some time looking into the vacation Maui condo rental map to see what’s available for rent on the island and to give yourself some options before you arrive.

Speaking of your upcoming visit, have you started planning your Hawaii vacation activities? If you are still deciding on where to go and things to do on Maui for when you get here, then let us help you out some! Check out our top reasons of why you’ll want to add the Road to Hana to your travel itinerary while here on Maui, Hawaii.


The Road to Hana comes with 620 curves, 59 bridges and a number of flowy waterfalls that are scattered along the way. Almost every twist and turn of this wild road glimpses at some dramatic scenes of tropical waterfalls. You might even get a chance to take a refreshing dip in one of the plunging freshwater pools that are open to the public!

One of the most popular waterfalls are The Pools at ‘Ohe’o which include 7 freshwater swimming holes connected by waterfalls and the dense bamboo forest of Ohe’o Gulch. The Pools of ‘Ohe‘o are regarded by the Native Hawaiian people as sacred for ceremonial use. Please be respectful while visiting the pools.


Nothing says Hawaii vacation like a hike through the lush landscapes and in Hana, there is plenty of hiking trails to explore. When you are ready to venture out from your vacation rental and head to Hana, there are a number of hiking opportunities along the way. Waianapanapa State Park with it’s black lava sand, tidal caves and native plants might just be a perfect fit. Just be sure to stick to the designated trails!

Stunning Island Views

If you are ready for some jaw-dropping views of Maui, Hana sure is full of them! The drive alone showcases tropical scenery and dramatic seascapes but there are several other opportunities to get a good look at the natural Hawaiian beauty. Simply hike up the mountainside or head towards one of the open freshwater pools and let your mind relax while taking in the beauty of this island!

Road to Hana Drive

How long is the road to Hana? The Hana Highway connects the central town of Kahului to Hana in the east and stretches over 64 miles. After you get out to Kaupo, the road continues on as Hawaii Route 31.

How long does it take to drive the road to Hana? Depending on where you are coming from, the drive takes a couple of hours straight, but like most things in life, it’s about the journey, not the destination. Load up your favorite playlist and enjoy the ride!

Hana Town

The town of Hana is worth a trip in and of itself! The friendly faces, small mom and pop food trucks and restaurants and great views of the ocean make the town of Hana an excellent spot to check out for your next Maui getaway.

Free from the usual resort hustle and bustle of the tourist areas of West and South Maui, you can feel your worries slip away as you take in the tranquil peace and natural beauty that is Hana.


Ready to rough it in the wilderness? Why not skip the resorts and head out for some camping with your loved ones. It’s a great family and friend activity, and you can enjoy ghost stories by the bonfire under the Hana stars. There is drive-up camping at the Kipahulu Campground. Just be aware that the area is remote, so be well prepared and there is a park fee to enter.

Hana Beaches

Red, white and black sand beaches are scattered around Hana. The black lava sand at Waianapanapa State Park mentioned above and the black sand beach of Hana Bay to the secluded red sand of Kaihalulu Beach that is accessed via a very steep hiking trail, all can be seen on your road to Hana trip.

Local Culture & History

What does Hana mean in Hawaiian? It translates as “craft” or “work” and that’s just what the people of this remote area did. They worked hard and created a place of beauty that is untouched by urban sprawl. If you’re looking for some real aloha, you’ll find it here in Hana. Just mind your manners and be polite and you’ll fit right in. Be sure to stop by the Hana Cultural Center which is a museum dedicated to the history and culture of the area.

That’s our top reasons for why you’ll want to visit Hana during your next Maui vacation. Contact us for all your rental needs and we hope to hear from you soon. A hui hou!